Theatre Department Presents: Hairspray

By: Brandan Persaud

hairspray final The Long Beach High School Theater Department will be putting on their 2014 musical HAIRSPRAY on Thursday, February 6th, Friday, February 7th, and Saturday,February 8th at 7:30pm in the High School auditorium. This is the perfect high school to put on such a fantastic musical because of its diverse student body.
Everyone involved has put in so much hard work:  the cast, including the singers and dancers, the crew, and even the pit orchestra. It would be such a loss for everyone not to see such a fantastic performance. Hope to see you there!

The Cast:

Tracy Turnblad: Annie GloegglerCorny Collins: Tom MarsdenEdna Turnblad: Max TunneyPenny Pingleton: Maegan MiciottaVelma Von Tussle: Alex BrodskyAmber Von Tussle: Katie MurphyLink Larkin: Christian Musto

Seaweed J. Stubbs: Brian Horne

Little Inez: Monastasia Williams

Motormouth Maybelle: Imani Medlin

Wilbur TurnBlad: Jonathan Kapilian

Prudy Pingleton: Emma Thurston

Mr. Pinky: Matthew Mowery

Gym teacher: Hannah Piazza

Harriman F. Spritzer: Derek Topper

Matron: Emily Crean


Tammy: Whitney Flaum Brad: Steven   Hurst

Fender: Max Esformes

Brenda: Mikayla Cangeni

Sketch: Steven Robert

Shelley: Anna Falvey

IQ: Brendan Elefante

Lou Ann: Danielle

Soloman Candy: Tiffany   Canner

Skippy: Chris Lester


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