Logan: Movie Review

By Vincent Saciolo

People have been watching these new Marvel movies every year it seems, enjoying them once for what they are and then not thinking about them again. It’s the routine for me and I bet you do the same. Logan, which released March 3rd of this year (2017), is the first Marvel movie I have seen that actually blew me away. It stayed away from the carbon cut formula most of these modern superhero films have been following; loads of CGI action, flashy colors, light hearted humor, and a generally family friendly tone. Instead of this, everything about Logan has a serious, gritty, and emotional feel to it, and they still manage to drive some good laughs into the blend as well. This really works well with the main characters’ personalities and doesn’t take away from the movie’s tone.

The choreography for this movie’s fight scenes are incredibly impressive and seem very realistic, and made even more so due to the lack of heavy CGI use throughout the majority of the film, where in other Marvel movies, like Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the audience can be desensitized to the action because it is clear that they just animated what is on the screen the more you are exposed to it. The other Marvel movies released recently also, to me at the very least, seem to lack a significant amount of tension. The stakes never seem to really be raised to a high enough level that I actually am worried about the characters or the outcome of the plot. Characters like Captain America, Iron Man, or the Hulk are so important and powerful to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that it’s nearly impossible to imagine that the situation in the movie could actually be a threat to them at this point. In Logan, however, the tone of the movie from the very start is dark and sets a very shallow and hopeless mood for the film, which is fantastic and refreshingly new in a Marvel film.

The tone is consistent throughout almost all of the movie, and right when the movie seems to mellow out and seems to be taking a lighter tone, they very suddenly rip the feeling right away. This is done spectacularly well, and instead of taking away from the movie, it entices you even further into it. As a side note I would like to add that the acting is phenomenal, especially the little girl, which was a huge surprise to me. The plot of the movie seems to dwarf the other Marvel movies in scale, and its far from a bad thing. The plot of the movie is simple, intense, and hits home. Instead of another mindlessly evil villain attempting to take over the world, Logan centers around saving a young girl from a shadowy organization. To say any more would potentially ruin the experience for you, but take my word for it, if you haven’t seen Logan yet, you definitely need to.

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