Video Game Review: Battlefield 1

The French have Finally Arrived to Battlefield 1!

By Anthony Dusold


On March 14th, 2017, the first Battlefield 1 DLC was released. The name of the expansion pack was one of the most famous quotes during the most infamous Battle of Verdun, “They Shall Not Pass!”


The expansion pack includes new weapons such as the Ribeyrolles 1918 (assault class- submachine gun), the RSC 1917 (medic class), the Lebel Model 1886 (scout class), The Chauchat (support class), and The Sjögren Inertial (assault class- shotgun). It also brought new maps such as Verdun Heights, Fort De Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture. If you and your gamer girlfriend *wink* *wink* decided to play Battlefield 1 online together, you may as well be playing Rupture due to the beautiful red plants that grow there while taking the fight to your enemy.


Not to mention the NEW gamemode called Front Lines. Front Lines is described as a mix of Rush and Conquest (2 other game modes in Battlefield 1) where both teams have to push each other to their bases on the map, once one team is at the other team’s’ base, the team on the offensive has to blow up 2 telegraphs in which the game ends there (rush). The 2 bases are connected through a line of flags throughout the map, so before you try to take the enemy base, one team has to take the flag in the middle, then the winning team has to go on the offensive and take another flag closer to the losing team’s base, only then will you begin your assault on the enemy base!


Last but not least, some may find this the most exciting, the new behemoths! Are you just tired of having a behemoth being restricted to train tracks, sea or air? Well now you can have a behemoth anywhere! Introducing the Char 2C! This was one of the largest tanks of its time and will tip the scale of a battle at anytime! We also have new vehicles like the St. Chamond which is the most heavily armed tank of the entire war. We also have a new stationary weapon. The M1916 Siege Howitzer aims at players much like the mortar and artillery in vehicles! Regardless of how you go about playing this DLC, DICE and EA have created a dynamic and chaotic world for the player to emerge themselves into!




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