Sister Act Review


Jaylyn Umana


This past weekend, the Long Beach High School Theatre Department put on the production of Sister Act. I was able to attend opening night and make my way up to the second row to get the best view of the play that I could. Opening nights of theatre productions tend to be the most energetic, but this one exceeded my expectations in terms of energy given off by the performers. I would even go as far to say that this play was greater than a broadway musical that I once saw.


Act 1:

In Act 1, the was music absolutely inspiring, and was energetic from the very start. Chills ran down my spine as the harmonized vocals blended sweetly with the wind instruments and strings. The auxiliary percussion was vital to the musical ensemble, as even the most subtle nuances enhanced the experience tenfold. The feel and vibe intensified with every song. Additionally, the acting was truly riveting. As the comedic elements in both the dialogue and songs allowed for you to empathize and identify with the characters.


I even had the chance to ask a few questions to members of the pit orchestra concerning the guitar’s place in the music and the overall experience…


“The music for this show really requires the guitar…”


“It’s a real learning experience, and it has been everyday…”


“This is very much different from regular pit orchestra…”


Act 2:

The guest appearances were astounding by the most unexpected parties. The quality and characters of the play, respectively, have a meteoric rise. I have very few words, as words can barely describe how amazing this production is.


However, cast members were able to express how they felt; including leading lady Mikayla Faria:


“There were neverending backstage antics…”


“Great cast! I’m gonna miss all the seniors; it was better than I ever expected…”


“Absolutely incredible…”


“There was a lot of bonding with classmates more than you would outside of class. It took a great deal of hard work. There was a great social aspect to it all…”


With that, I can easily say that not only were both acts riveting as was the music!


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