Class Olympics, 2017!


By: James Baratta, Michael McCabe, and Cody Werner


This year’s Class Olympics brought more student involvement than I’ve ever seen before. The effortful hours sacrificed by Student Government, Freshman Class, Sophomore Class, Junior Class and Senior Class to set this passionate event into motion must not go unnoticed. Thanks to them, our school made history. They’ve created a memory for the students at LBHS, especially the seniors, to bring with them as they delve into what life has to offer; entering the real world with a memorable flashback of happiness, passion, and fun.

The day began for most students at around 6 to decorate the halls of LBHS, enveloping pride within the students. The hallways were immaculate. Walking to class felt like walking through a wonderland of colors and creativity. The themes of the classes were especially unique this year. All the classes managed to communicate these themes on a fun, but effective level in that their hallways were the product of an effortful contribution made by those who helped set them up. Firstly, the freshman class was called “Freshman Famers”. Next, the sophomores were known as the “Stranded Sophomores”. Thirdly, the juniors decided to go with “Jet-Lagged Juniors”. Finally, the seniors chose “Sweet Tooth Seniors ”.

During the school day, students were given and deducted spirit points as a result of their spirit and behavior. Faculty members went from class to class, adding spirit points to students in their respective grades if they were wearing attire related to their theme or LBHS. Students that were late and/or roaming the halls were responsible for deducting spirit points from their grade. The school kept the event tight-knit through this. That’s okay though because the competing students had the opportunity to show the faculty how they felt about this later on that day!

As students retired to the bleachers after a short, academic day, the excitement of Class Olympics had begun. The competition began with the tug of war, where the faculty faced the wrath of the students. Although an extraneous effort was put forth by the seniors, the faculty defeated them. Next, was by far the strangest and most amusing event in Class Olympics history. Students from each class paired up and prepared to roll around the gym floor with laundry baskets and wheeled carts. The goal of this event was to snag as many colored balls as they could back to their respective storages. The crowd revved the engines of the contestants through their passionate cheers and they were off! During the event, contestants were seen swerving about the gym at staggering speeds. One student had lost his cart in the chaos but remained determined as did his partner. He then streaked across the clean, laminated floor screaming as if he was charging into battle. Were his screams of pain or of determination? Maybe both, but nevertheless he continued to gather the balls in an attempt to win the event. Finally was musical chairs. Person after person was eliminated and soon enough only two remained. However, before the event had wrapped up, students began to prematurely exit the gym. The event concluded during the stampede and Michael Campione, a senior, emerged victoriously.

The seniors dominated the swimming events. There were an array of unique competitions, but the most memorable had to be the belly flop contest. The LBHS pool became Gotham City when Batman sprawled into the air after peering upon the city in which he would bring justice with his mighty flop. It seemed as if gallons of water had splashed from the pool and into the audience. They cringed at the sound of the vigilante’s forceful slap once he engaged the water. It was truly an epic scene.

That night, the skits were held in the auditorium. It was decorated with each class’ theme. This year bestowed some of the best decorations I’ve seen in my years at LBHS. The skits themselves were effortful and comical. However, the “Jet-Lagged Juniors” emerged victorious. These millennials really know how to put on a show because not only were they victorious this year, but they were in their freshman skit as well.

What a night to remember. Special thanks to the classes who participated and Student Government for making the event reality. I personally look forward to what LBHS has to offer at next year’s Class Olympics.


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