Video Game Review: Battlefield 1

Play as a Soldier in the War to End All Wars!

By Anthony Dusold


Battlefield 1 takes place along the many different fronts of World War 1. From the muddy trenches of the western front, to the arid wastes of the Sinai Desert. On the battlefield the player will witness the war as the real soldiers saw it over 100 years ago! Tanks, airplanes, machine guns and toxic gas, the players abilities in battle will be strained.


Battlefield 1 Classes Breakdown:


Assault – Although it is the least popular class, its advantages on the battlefield are often overlooked. The assault uses anti-tank weaponry such as dynamite, anti-tank cannon and mines. Rushing is a favorable strategy employed by many players who use this class. A common method is to strap a gas mask on, hurl mustard gas at opponents and charge wielding a shotgun or submachine gun!


Medic – The medic uses a syringe to revive players before they can opt to respawn, supply wounded teammates with medic kits/crates and can also heal themselves. Then how can you heal someone while your enemy is shooting at you? After all, all soldiers need a weapon! The medics are equipped with an array of semi-automatic rifles (rifles that can reload bullets into the chamber without manual reload).


Support – This class mainly uses LMGs (light machine guns), ammo kits/crates and can repair vehicles. They can also give other forms of support via mortars and explosive crossbows. As far as I can say about this class, the “BAR 1918” is the best LMG (excluding any Downloadable Content or DLC’s). Trust me, you’ll fall in love with it!


Scout – Known as the overseer of the battlefield, the scout use both bolt action rifles and snipers. There are a few variants that the player can use. The infantry variant is mainly the rifle itself, lacking a scope which makes it better suited for short range combat. Meanwhile, the sniper and marksman variants are the rifles are outfitted with scopes. All the classes have different variants for every primary weapon, most of them having slight differences in their performances which include range, damage, etc.


Battlefield 1 is coming out with a brand new DLC called “They Shall Not Pass” where the French Army comes into play, with new weapons (specifically French issued), maps, game modes and behemoths! Behemoths are massive vehicles issued to the losing team or when they need it. They are extremely powerful and allow for the losing team to make a comeback!


Battlefield 1 came to have a liking of plenty Call of Duty and Battlefield players at the same time because of it’s originality and how Electronic Arts (EA) and DICE decided to take time in making their game unlike Activision and Infinity Ward who constantly pump out games to secure a constant inflow of profit. It’s important to note the massive distaste of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare by many Call of Duty players because it strayed from the “boots on the ground” style desired for the next Call of Duty. Historically, there haven’t been many games that take place in World War 1. It was a win-win for DICE and EA. However, as the game was coming out, they announced that the French Army was coming in a form of a DLC, which was ridiculous in many people’s eyes, considering the extensive effort the French in World War 1 just to defend their homeland. Personally, this is a valid argument for Battlefield gamers and for people that know their history. However, you never know if this move was intentional before the announcement. What if something went wrong, or maybe there wasn’t enough time to thoroughly develop this new side in the war to end all wars? Again, I agree with some fans and gamers that this was a poor move by DICE and EA. Of course, they plan to charge the DLC for $14.99, but if you purchased premium (which was around $50) you get all the DLCs for free when they are released! My advice would be to save up for premium because the end result will be that you spent more on buying DLCs individually than the person who bought premium and saved more money. If you have decided to buy the game or have the game already and want to know more about what happened in World War 1, talk to your history teachers!


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