Meet the Principal, James Baratta

The New Principal at LBHS

This 2016-2017 school year LBHS has a new principal, Mr. Myers. This year he has plans to observe the happenings of LBHS and improve the systems already working in our school, as well as create new ones to make our amazing school even better than it already is! Here’s the exclusive interview answering some of the yearning questions the student body has for our new principal and showing you a bit of who he is as a person in the process.

Q1: What is your mission statement?

A1: To create critical thinkers that are well rounded citizens that will leave here with skills that will help them in careers, college, and their future. I think that is really my mission which is to help and support that process. Sometimes I think that children may not always understand about how it all sticks together the education, the practice, the assignments, the questions. I think that when they can leave our high school and be more productive citizens that are better prepared for their future and are accomplishing what they are here for.

Q2: Will the library become updated with newer computers rather than models that were released in 2009?

A2: There is a technology plan for the district which obviously includes the incorporation of chrome books. I believe it is something that is in the works and we hope to see chrome books will be rolled out to the entire student body this year. We are anticipating that the process will begin in December and the process will begin with one grade at a time. With more modern technology you are going to be better equipped with the skills that will help you with your future

Q3: Last year our principal set up meetings at the Island Park Public Library for Island Park students and their parents to inform them specifically about what types of activities and events will be being held. Will you have meetings like this?

A3: I can see the benefits having that and I think that the benefits of having meetings in different locations can help bring everyone together.

Q4: How do you plan to make yourself known to them so that you may aid events are desires that they may have?

A4: One thing I’m going to do is meet with the clubs, try to me more in the classrooms. I have been to games and I’ve enjoyed every conversation. I’ve also done some assemblies for the 9th and 10th graders so students could have a chance to meet me in the first week. I plan to be more around.

Q5: Do you have an open door policy?

A5: Yes, I’ve always had that policy as an administrator and as a teacher. I feel that children should go see someone when they have a question.

Q6: What are your feelings about the common core curriculum currently present in our school? Is there a chance we will not see it in the near future?

A6: I think there are some challenges with the common core curriculum. Some of the challenges that students in high school have faced is that they initially learned math in a different way from what is currently taught by the common core curriculum. Implementation is an issue with the common core. I do not see it disappearing in you never future, but I have heard rumors of the grading system being changed to 1-5. There are questions with the common core in general, but I think that educators are looking on improving it, but I think that we have been very successful as a district and a building in preparing our children for these exams. I do not think that it will be leaving in the near future, but it is under review

Q7: What specific changes are you planning on making at LBHS?

A7: I am not a person that is going to make rapid changes without first observing what’s taking place and what’s right. Everyday I see something that is well done and I can also see things that I would tweak. My first year is more of trying to create consistency and improve the systems that are already working. I am not interested in making rapid changes in things that are not well thought out, that are certain things that are part of our culture. It is very important for me to fully learn about the culture that makes LBHS great, that’s just my style. I have been learning a lot about the culture in Long Beach from the students and what makes it a great place.

Q8: What can you tell us about you as a person?

A8: I am currently a student at St. Johns and I’m getting my doctorate. I do enjoy education, I do enjoy reading, I do enjoy learning, I enjoy challenges. I’m pretty big into sports. I have been a coach for many years and still coach my children. I have a big family and have three kids, they are a handful. My children, my wife, I really love spending time at home with the kids, sporting events, doing the usual family thing. I watch the Jets sometimes. Pretty much, I’m a homebody and do the family thing. I like working with kids. They are fun, it’s a different challenge.

Well, there you have it! Our school principal and his plans for LBHS. Feel free to ask him your own questions and say hello to him at the next football game, because he’ll most likely be there. Thanks for tuning in with the Tide and be sure to check out some of our other articles at

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