Long Beach Surf Team Rips into 3rd Place

On October 16, in Spring Lake, New Jersey, the High School Surf Team competed at the NSSA Northeast Regional High School Championship for the eighth consecutive year. For the first time, the Surf Team placed 3rd overall out of the 25 teams competing representing 15 schools.

Leading the way for the Marines were sophomores, Summer Ejnes and Drew Caracciola who placed 3rd and 6th respectively in the girls and boys divisions. It was certainly Summer time in Spring Lake as Summer also competed as the team’s longboarder, advancing to the semifinals earning quality points for the team. Senior Dakota Ejnes, last year’s Danny Bobis Award recipient at the contest, advanced to the quarter finals in challenging conditions.

Freshman Jack Richards and sophomore Kyle Caracciola, both advanced to the semifinals in the boys division. Their impressive surfing led to first place finishes in each of their heats leading up to the semi’s earning valuable points for the team.

Underclassmen Troy Morris and Ethan Grassini both advanced to the quarters. Shayne Wellen, Jack Rockefeller, and Matt Werner surfed great heats through round three. The improvement in the quality of surfing is a testament to how hard the members of the team have worked, surfing in all conditions over the last year.

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