Best Pals Club News

Nicole Celis

Best Pals is a club where students are able to participate in activities with Life Skills students. These students are given the chance to become more integrated in the Long Beach school community. This club enables friendships to be made with students you may not otherwise interact with. Students are able to take part in activities such as yoga, dance and scavenger hunts. This provides a social atmosphere that some students may not otherwise be able to have. Students are able to benefit from a setting other than a classroom to expand their social skills. Best Pals helps in the continuity and prosperity of friendships of all students. The next upcoming event is the Best Pals Halloween Dance on Tuesday, October 25th starting at 6:30 PM in the LBHS cafeteria. Students should come for a night of fun which includes dancing and games. Everyone is encouraged to wear their best Halloween costumes. Best Pals holds meetings regularly and events monthly. Come to a Best Pals event to have fun while simultaneously forming connections with other students!

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