The Boss

By Chris Parthemore

This movie is a prime example of Melissa McCarthy’s particular brand of comedy. While this isn’t exactly a ground breaking movie for her, it definitely shows that she tried to put some effort in this movie. Although the majority of the other cast members were not as good as she was, McCarthy’s humor was enough to make this a 3 star movie.

The movie begins with a flashback of Michelle Darnell’s childhood where she grew up in an orphanage. In the flashback we can see a car dropping her off, showing that this car belonged to her foster parents, who were actually returning her to the orphanage. This happens about two additional times. Every single times it makes Michelle grow angrier in which she says “families are for suckers.”

Years later a now much older and extremely wealthy Michelle is seen riding  on a golden mechanical phoenix. She is now a CEO of a large company and is giving a speech about how ordinary people, like she once was, can become extremely rich if they focus only on their own goals and cut other people off.

After the speech and extremely elaborate pyrotechnic show, Michelle and her assistant Claire leave and return to the company. Claire brings up the fact that due to being a single mother and not making enough money, she might have to leave her job. Michelle makes an extremely rude remark regarding that she is surprised in Claire having a child and refuses to give her a raise.

Despite this, Claire does not quit outright and walks off with Michelle as her boss gets into a helicopter. On the way to the helicopter, they encounter Michelle’s rival and former love interest, a short man who is obsessed with Japanese martial arts and is a owner of another rich company, Ronald.

Ronald threatens he will take her (Michelle’s) company by force which makes her laugh. The following day,  Ronald finds his way through bribing and suing and ends up getting Michelle arrested for fraud.

She ends up in prison for 8 to 10 months. After getting out, she finds out that Ronald owns and runs her company and that Claire has another job. With no home and no money she is forced to stay with Claire until she is able to get financially stable.

Claire is at first reluctant to take in her selfish self-centered boss but her daughter feels sympathy for letting Michelle stay with them.  Michelle quickly proves to be a burden and causes Claire a broad variety of problems throughout the beginning of her stay. On top of her living there Claire has to deal with yet another horrible boss at her other job.

On day, Michelle takes Claire’s daughter to a Girl Scout troop meeting and was appalled by the troops meager ability to sell their merchandise Michelle decides to start her own girl scout selling business. Although Claire is apprehensive about the idea,  Michelle’s persistence in convincing is successful.

With Michelle’s guidance the business grows rapidly and the cookies are sold in the neighborhood, but this does not sit well with the other Girl Scout team (The Dandelions). Unfortunately, the Darnell Darlings are filled with tough muscular terrifying girls that can easily defeat the Dandelions. Once the Dandelions are defeated, Michelle’s business prospers for a while leading her and Claire’s family to bond and form a close friendship.

In the background, Michelle’s enemy Ronald is looking to take all of Michelle’s money once again he approaches her. In Michelle’s absence, Ronald makes Claire a business deal that she denies; however, Michelle misinterprets this interaction and sells her company (firing Claire) out of anger.

After learning all the pain she caused Claire, Michelle encounters an internal conflict and in this she realizes how selfish she has been most of her life. In effort to make things right, Michelle decides to get advice and money from her mentor from when she was first getting into business.

Luckily for Michelle her mentor provides the money but the company has to prove it successful. Michelle apologizes and admits about being selfish and they decide to get the contract back from Ronald and get the company back.

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