How to Benefit from Spring Break

by James Baratta

“Finally, I can relax… maybe be productive as well.”

This is probably what goes through your head once a break from school comes around (or at least the first part of it). How exactly do you plan on going about your 9 days of freedom? Watch Netflix or play video games? Go on a trip? Study? Hang with friends? Well these 9 days to do whatever you want can be used to benefit you mentally, physically, and academically.

Academic Advantages

You have all this time that can be used to get ahead on your studies. Surely there are final exams creeping up on you. This is the time to study. Each day, set aside some time to review old  or new material. Plan it out. Study each day for at least 30 minutes and maybe more depending on how much you need to do. Leave a set amount of time each day to get ahead in school. Don’t worry if you skip a day. Just make sure to cover what you missed the next day. Still, remember that you are supposed to relax and recharge during break. !


Mental Advantages

What do you think would happen if you set aside no time for yourself this break? Are you on the verge of mental breakdown as it is? This is the time to de-escalate that stress that has been forced upon you by school and other negatives of life. This is the time to slow your life down. Have some time for yourself to rejuvenate and relax. Pour a cup of tea, relax and decompress. There will be free time ver the course of the week, so use it doing what you want to do. It is called “break” for a reason.


Physical Advantages

Did you make a new year’s resolution to go to the gym and never fulfill it? Now is the time to get back into it. Even if you didn’t make this resolution, you can use this to improve your physicality and mind. Take this time to bike, run, go to the gym, do some yoga. Exercising will benefit your mind and body. Break is a great time to re-immerse or just immerse yourself into the lifestyle of exercise.

Take advantage of these days to be a teenager and be free. Don’t forget responsibility but also don’t forget to have fun.

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