From the Speaker to the T.V: The Long Beach High School Morning Show

By: Emily Hulbert

A new change was welcomed to Long Beach High School on the morning of April 12th when the school’s Morning Show appeared on the classroom Smartboards instead of over the loudspeaker. Although most students were aware of this change, the visual addition to the already captivating Morning Show left students with wide eyes and open mouths.

The idea of having the morning show visually broadcasted to all of the students and faculty has been in the works for a while. Since the creation of the T.V. Studio Production Class in the 2013-2014 school year, Mr. Krywe and his students have been working towards putting the Morning Show on the Big Screen.

When asked whether or not they like this new change, students have all exhibited a positive attitude, saying that they are able to hear the news better than when it was on the loudspeaker. Also, students are more captivated while watching their fellow peers relay school news, which causes them to pay more attention and retain the information better. This positive change for the  Morning Show has a number of benefits.

One of these benefits is the ability to feature Long Beach High School students by interviewing them or showing a piece of their artwork. On Friday, April 15th, The Morning Show presented “The Hat” an animated short by Max Tunney that won first place in the animated category in the Locust Valley Film Festival. Both students and teachers were able to enjoy this comedic short!

With any great project comes a few difficulties. The show has faced a number of technical difficulties over the past week, such as loss of sound, faulty microphone, and no visual. Still, the Morning Show is moving forward, ready to overcome these real- world production obstacles.

This new change in the Morning Show has had a huge impact on the community of Long Beach High School. Instead of not remembering or hearing any school news, students are able to listen and learn about events, honors, and achievements that are happening within the school. A beautiful idea has been born within Long Beach High School’s Studio 272 B and it will surely grow into a wondrous achievement that will represent the pride of our community.
If you want to catch up on any episodes that you missed go to Long Beach MVP , The Morning Show’s Live Streaming Youtube Channel.


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