Class Olympics 2016

By James Baratta

IMG_1661One of the most spirited events of the school year was held on April Fool’s Day. Luckily, there were no pranks to spoil this exhilarating event. This year’s Class Olympics was a successful and spirited one. An incomprehensible amount of effort was put forth by all who participated. Thanks to the school and clubs such as Student Government, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Class. The event was well-organized and allowed for the enjoyment of all. Shall we tell the story of Class Olympics 2K16? Let us begin with the amazingly chaotic morning that was sure to wake some students up, even without coffee.

The Day of Anticipation

As students entered the building, they were greeted with IMG_1567sounds of pride and excitement by the four clubs that represent each grade at Long Beach High School. The themes for this year were diverse and interesting. The Seniors had “School of Rock Seniors”, the Juniors had “Nick Jr.’s”, the Sophomores had “Supernatural Sophomores’, and the Freshman had “Freshman Fugitives”. AIMG_1569ll themes were accurately displayed from the morning        to the night. Throughout the day, the halls were decorated by each class to reveal the effort and school IMG_1568spirit demonstrated by them. Just after the first period bell rung, judges swept the school to determine who had the most school spirit. Students dressed in attire suited for their class theme such as t-shirts, IMG_1581face paint, tutus, bandanas and many more! This April Fool’s Day gave a gift to all students at Long Beach, but this gift was no fool, no trick, and no prank. On April 1, 2016, periods were cut shorter to permit students to enjoy Class Olympics 2016!


The Events

            The gym was ecstatic. Just as the grades entered this place of favorable chaos, their IMG_1584ears rung with the excitement and noise emitted by participants of the event. Ladies and gentlemen, the hype was real.

The first event was knockout. Knockout is a IMG_1605game played with two basketballs. The shooters haIMG_1586ve to send the ball into the net before their opponent in order to knock them out and stay in the game. The four grades, and teachers competed to be the remaining shooter and win it all.

The second event was the shirt judging. Although all of the shirts were all amazing, the IMG_1619judges had to choose the first place winner. This victory belonged to the sophomores.

The third event of Class Olympics was Tug of War. At first, the sophomores and freshmanIMG_1641 tugged it out and the sophomores emerged victorious. The seniors and juniors opposed each other and in the end, the juniors won. Then, the freshman and seniors were pitted against each other, but the freshman were crushed in seconds. The winners then faced each other and the juniors defeated the sophomores. Finally, the seniors met a worthy adversary: the faculty. The battle was waged for a grueling minute. At first, it seemed as if the seniors would overtake the faculty, but then they put forth an enormous effort and defeated the senior team.

The fourth event was musical chairs. This included all divisions of Class Olympics. The IMG_1670game began with some exhilarating music that hyped the entire crowd as well as the contestants. Once it ceased, almost everyone plopped down onto a chair, leaving just a couple of people rushing for seats. As more and more people were excluded, less and less chairs were part of the game. At game point, Michael Campione, a junior and Allana Weiss, a senior faced off. Stares of intimidation were exchanged and the music drew suspense into all. Then suddenly the music ceased and the two leaped into the chair. They both shared each side and attempted to forcefully nudge each other off. The crowd went ballistic! Students and teachers rushed from their seats and onto the court. The crowd engulfed the two leaving them hidden to the rest of the crowd. Suddenly, Dean Bruno raised a contestant’s hand and Allana Weiss was hoisted into the air on her classmates shoulders and pronounced the winner. It was truly a sight of Long Beach spirit.IMG_1674

The swimming took place directly after the gym events. First was the stick retrieval. The contestants dove down to the bottom of the pool and brought up one stick at a time. To win, the swimmer must retrieve the most. Then came a challenging competition: the 200 medley relay. This includes the four strokes: freestyle, butterfly, breast stroke and backstroke. Each person in the relay swam two laps of one of the strokes. After this event was the inner tube relay. This particular challenge was amusing to watch as the swimmers scooped the water rapidly. It was sure to uproot some laughs from the crowd.IMG_1593

The final race was the two-person swim relay. In this event, two people of the same division paired up. One person held on to the feet of the other and kicked, the other person used only their arms to move through the water. Together, the two swam as fast as they possibly could.

IMG_1588 To wrap up the challenges the different divisions of school faced, the pool became quiet and all eyes were set upon the diving board. As each diver leaped into the water ever so quietly, an applause was followed with every entry. This elegant event was followed by the best belly flop. No matter the size of the person, big or small, the technique and quality of their entry was judged. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining event for all, even the floppers who left the pool with red chests!

The Skits

    IMG_1724         Parents and students were greeted with Long Beach spirit as they entered the auditorium and prepared for the series of skits soon to arrive. The walls were covered in posters and banners representing each class’s theme. It was truly a sight.

The night began with the seniors running the show. Multiple references were made about Larry the security guard who “mysteriously disappeared”. We all miss him and were not prepared for his sudden disappearance.IMG_1627

To start the show, the freshman performed their skit. A few friends were talking and revealed the story of their troubled past. These friends were fugitives of the law and told their story through a series of dances and flashbacks. The dancing showed what the freshman could do..IMG_1697

Next were the sophomores with their theme: Supernatural Sophomores. During the skit, the various supernatural beings danced as a result of asbestos in the bay. This caused the students to transform into supernatural beings. The dancing was diverse and extremely well-performed.

Third were the nick jr.’s. The skit started with cartoon character Timmy Turner bored as always when he wishes to go on an adventure and the travels through some of the shows on nickelodeon. He visited the universes of Dora the Explorer, The Backyardigans, and SpongeBob SquarePants. One of the most hyped parts of this skit was when Dora became a straight up savage dancing to her remix. The crowd went nuts so did Dora.IMG_1592

The final skit was by, you guessed it, the seniors! The story of the skit contained a feud between students who love rock and roll against students who favored pop music. The goal of both parties was to have the theme as rock and roll for the school prom. It ended with the seniors saving rock and roll! It was surely a stellar skit with a musical performance by Sean Donolon.IMG_1589

This year’s Class Olympics was one for the books. Everyone who attended and participated in the event had an awesome time. Before we end this article, let us appreciate all of the hard work put forth by the students who allowed for the event to pay return to Long Beach this year.

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