By Chris Prathemore

Zootopia was one of the best Disney films I’ve ever seen. The moral of the story was surprisingly mature for a children’s film and the characters were likable and interesting.

The movie follows a young rabbit, by the name of Judy Hops who lives in a small town just outside the city of Zootopia. In her youth, she wished to become the first rabbit cop ever in animal society; however, she was met with opposition because rabbits are small and have never been in law enforcement before. This opposition, however, only made her push harder to achieve her goal. Eventually, Judy graduated at the top of her class in the police academy.

Judy is assigned, by the lion mayor, to work as a police officer in the city of Zootopia. After saying goodbye to her family and getting used to the city, Judy moves into a small and rather noisy apartment. Her first day on the job is not quite what she thought it would be. The other police officers are large, rough and very different from her own personality.

Due to her small size, the police chief gives her a rather degrading job, a meter maid. She tries to stay positive about it and give out as many tickets as she possibly can. During her shift as a meter maid she walks into an ice cream shop and finds the owner refusing to sell ice cream to a fox named, Nick Wilde and his son.

Nick tells Judy his son wants to be an elephant when he grows up and thus wants an elephant ice cream, but the server refused. Judy, felling bad for the two foxes, decides to trick the server into giving them ice cream. This highlights one of the main themes which is  that animals should not be judged by their species. There is tension between the prey and predator animals throughout the course of the film.

Later, Judy discovers that Nick has outsmarted her, and upon returning to the precinct, she volunteers for a new job to find the missing citizens.

Judy finds Nick and questions him about the missing citizens at first he doesn’t care about Judy’s problems or the missing kids. But Judy blackmails him with his words on stealing from the ice cream shop with now the looming threat of jail.

He is forced to join Judy on her quest to find the missing kids. This movie has a lot of interesting themes from racism and getting to know someone’s personality. Even though it took place in a animal society the theme of getting past racism is pretty clear in this movie.

On another note the villain of this movie is pretty unsuspecting. The actual villain is  the assistant mayor of Zootopia, a sheep, Bellweather, who is rather meek throughout most of the film.

This film had many good qualities; it was hilarious, heart-warming and had surprising twists. For anyone who hasn’t seen it thus far, I would suggest to see it as soon as possible. And if you have and enjoyed it. Go see it again.

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