IB Art Exhibition

By Emily Wright

20160317_072703_HDRFor Long Beach High School, the month of March is art appreciation month. All around the school, for the entire month, the school will celebrate creativity in all forms of art. And what better way to show one’s appreciation than an art show for the students who are a part of the most prestigious art program the school can offer.

This  program is  under a special branch of education called International Bachelorette or IB for short. IB Visual Arts, is a college level art course that allows high school students to express themselves on a creative level unlike anything they have ever experienced before. It is taught by the recently new Long Beach faculty member, Eric Fox, who says, “This course allows for the students to become college and career ready through their extensive research, writing, reflection, documentation and experimenting of their numerous art endeavors.

20160317_072647_HDRIt employs a higher level of thinking, makes the students art grow and results in professional artwork.” On Thursday, March 17th between 6:30-8:00 pm, evidence off these students hard work will be shown in the lower commons of the high school. Not only will you see their projects, but their very own visual art journals, which offer special insights into the academic level of this course, their creative minds, and are unique pieces of art in their own right.

You can see popular and talented artists such as Klaudia Sarno, who has won countless art contests, as well as Max Tunney, whose art has been featured on the front of many community 20160317_072657_HDRt-shirts, in newspapers and even designed the art for the promotional poster of this event.

So come one and come all to see how talented our students are, and how much we as a community appreciate art.

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