Movie Reviews by Chris: Deadpool

By Chris Parthemore

deadpool-gallery-03This is a review for the hit new movie Deadpool, based off of the popular Marvel character, Deadpool. The movie follows a mercenary by the name of Wade Wilson. Wade lives the life of a loner before he meets a girl named Vanessa. The friendship grows into a loving  relationship and they decide to get married. However, the same day as the wedding, Wade is diagnosed with cancer.

After his diagnosis, Vanessa tries to cheer up Wade; however, he feels all hope has been lost. Just as Wade is ready to give up on life, he is approached by a recruiter who tells him that he can cure his cancer. Wade, of course, does not believe this and tells him to get lost.  Eventually, in an effort to keep Vanessa happy and not die a slow death, Wade decides to take this man up on his offer. This decision turns out to be the worst decision of his life.

While in the facility to cure his cancer, Wade meets a scientist who goes by the name “Ajax” or Francis. This facility is not what it seems, it not only cures people of  cancer, but it turns individuals into superhero slaves. These “slaves” have superhero qualities but are forced to push the agenda of the facility and serve only the interests of those who run the facility.

Wade proves to be particular hard to mutate, so Francis and his colleges try a myriad of techniques including submerging Wade in a pool of water with no oxygen. This techniques ends up working but costs Wade his physical appearance.  Enraged by his hideous new look, Wade attempts to kill Francis and succeeds in burning down the facility. In this act, he kills himself; however, Wade now possesses the superpower of  immortality  and is not actually dead. Following this, Wade attempts to find Vanessa. He stops this quest when he overhears people whispering about his appearance in fear that she will shun him as others have. He in turn sets off to gain revenge on Francis.

What ensues is a montage of Deadpool hunting down every minion of Francis, including the recruiter that sent him to the facility. During his revenge quest, he encounters two members of the X-Men who have been sent out to deal with the chaos Deadpool is causing. They offer him to stop his quest and join them as a real hero; he rejects the proposal and thoroughly insults them. It turns out that when the X-Men had found him, Deadpool had finally tracked down Francis, but he escaped because of this interaction.  When Francis escapes, he leaves Wade temporarily injured with only one arm in the back of a garbage truck.

After regrowing his arm, Deadpool eventually discovers that Vanessa has been kidnapped by Francis and thus ensues his pursuit to find her, and he convinces the two X-Men to help him fight Francis.The fight between Deadpool and Francis is evenly matched…

BUT you will have to go to the theaters to find out what happens next…


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