Violence is Vicious

by James Baratta

Violence is found in many forms throughout the world. This darker side of mankind is becomes revealed when words are not enough to achieve a goal that involves either preserving peace and prosperity or unleashing a beast of savagery. In most cases, on a global scale violence cannot be defeated with words, in most cases.  Violence fights violence. If violence is used to stagger a threat, there will still be bloodshed on both sides.  

Everyday throughout the world, violence occurs. Whether the media reports it or not, lives are taken by other people throughout the 24 hours of a day. The people that take these lives are driven by some sort of reason…or pure savagery.

In 2015, the media raved has been raving about violent occurrences throughout the year. Everything from the bomb threat at Long Beach High School to the Paris attacks was reported about in some form. It’s one thing when a tragic event occurs in another country, but when violence strays close to home, fear awakes within oneself and reality become all too real.

On December 8th, many students at our high school, in response to a bomb threat, did not attend school. On December 7th, the Long Beach Police Department investigated the high school. With them, were bomb-sniffing dogs. On the morning of December 8th, bag checks took place as students entered the building. Security was raised significantly in order to keep students of Long Beach High School safe from any terror that could have occurred. Luckily, this threat was a hoax.

Although violence is utilized to make change on a global scale, it is also present in a different form. Violence is becomes like a blazing fire that burns out fast. Acts of random violence have steadily increased across the United States in 2015 as well as 2014.

According to Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post, from January 2015 to  October of the same year,  there have been 294 mass shootings in the United States. Although not all of these shootings reach major headlines, this type of violence occurs more than one may think.

At the beginning of January 2015, Boko Haram, member of Isis and Sunni Muslim, was responsible for the Baga massacre in Nigeria. This group took control of the Multinational Joint task Force HQ, a Nigerian Military Base, and Baga. Their presence caused citizens to flee from their homes in fear of their lives. Once Baga was under his control, the group proceeded to kill up to (app.) 2000 people. This is just one of the many examples of violence that have occurred in 2015.

We tend to set labels on mankind. The most common one being “It’s just human nature” or “the world is a screwed up place”, but that’s not the case. Mankind is a diverse, remarkable entity that has sprouted as if it is a single atom to a complex compound with infinite elements; which have combined with each other to form the universe. We are smaller than a speck in this infinite everything that surrounds us as well as our planet. In this atom there are protons and electrons. The protons are the people who are good and pure, but the electrons are evil and savage. The neutrons are what we have achieved and glorified ourselves to the universe, increasing our atomic mass to become a grand isotope. Mankind is just another element of the infinite periodic table we call the universe.

Mankind is what we all are. Perhaps we will be a fire that burns out fast if we let the electrons overwhelm our element, causing us to become a chaotic ion. Protons will be positive and electrons will be negative. That’s the reality of what we are…

We are mankind.

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2 Responses to Violence is Vicious

  1. J. Emmons says:

    Boko Haram is a group, not an individual

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