Chatting about Computers with Mr. Lerner

By: Michael Mccabe

Technology surrounds our daily lives and we interact with various forms of technology on a daily basis. Everyday in school, young children and adults use phones, iPads, SMART Boards, laptops and computers. We use our “devices” to type papers, create projects and research information.  There is no doubt that computers are essential to our daily lives. I decided to interview Mr. Learner, the technology teacher at Long Beach High School, to take a closer look into the importance of computers. 

Why do you think it’s important to have a computer in your house?

I don’t necessarily think it’s important to have a computer in your house but to have a computing device in your house. The world runs on technology, and it is important to become accustomed to using different types of technology, from smartphones to tablets to computers. I think it is a worthwhile skill to have because every person who utilizes technology for different purposes.  Not everyone needs a desktop or a laptop; some  people exist on just  a tablet or a phone  It is important for people to define what their needs are and have that equipment to utilize that. I also think it’s important to think how other types of devices work, and to be familiar with them in case you do need to use them.


What advantages would a desktop/laptop have over a smartphone or tablet? 

The advantage the desktop or laptop is processing power, but tablets are catching up… You can’t do certain things, like high end graphics, intense games, video editing, on a tablet or a smartphone. The majority of Internet surfing you find on a tablet would be difficult to find on a phone due to a small screen. However,  most programs would run fluidly on a tablet and most people can function efficiently utilizing only a tablet instead of a desktop or laptop. Only those who need that extra processing power should choose a laptop or desktop because it  provides software that a phone and tablet do not.

Do you think that desktops and laptops will be obsolete someday?

They have become partially obsolete. Most people don’t have desktops in their homes anymore. Many have laptops or tablets. There was a point in time where everyone had a desktop computer but most people now do not. There has been a dramatic shift in the computer technology that people keep in their homes.

Desktop computers are still needed for the larger frame and the ability to place parts to have modular capability. Overall, desktop computers have better processing power to help with certain programs.

What technology are you using in your home? Does your technology support your needs ? While we do not all use the same technology on a daily basis, everyone can admit to utilizing at least one device. Also, don’t forget to consider learning how to use other devices from what you are familiar with.

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