The Top Christmas Movies

By: Sophia Dodd & Kylee Cregan

Christmas is right around the corner! There are only three more days…

Everyone has a favorite holiday movie; a picture that they love to watch around the holidays. Out of holiday curiosity,  I asked students of all ages what their favorite holiday movie is and narrowed it down to top 3 holiday movies!


The movie Elf is a movie that will lift up your sprit. This movie is about an elf named Buddy, who is trying to find his dad in the “Big Apple,” NYC. Buddy was an orphan who crawled into Santa’s bag filled with toys. He stayed in the bag, and was brought to the North Pole by Santa. Buddy the elf tries to live his life according to the 3 main elf rules:

1. Treat everyday like Christmas

2. There is room for everyone on the nice list

3.The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear

Watching “Elf” will make you believe in the spirit of Christmas.

dood2The Polar Express

The movie, The Polar Express, is also another movie to make you believe in the spirit of Christmas. The Polar Express is a movie about a boy who boards a magical train on Christmas Eve headed to the North Pole to see Santa. At first the boy didn’t believe in Santa, but after he goes on the life changing train ride, he believes in the spirit of Christmas and Santa. When he comes back he shares his knowledge of the true meaning of Christmas with everyone.

grinchThe Grinch

The movie The Grinch takes place in a little town called Whoville. The main character, the Grinch, was rejected by the Whos, the citizens of Whoville. The Grinch hates the Whos, and lives isolated on a mountain. He hates Christmas, and decides to steal Christmas from the Whos. On Christmas Eve, he comes down the mountain and robs everyone of their Christmas decorations. When he steals every last bit of Christmas materials from every house in Whoville, he brings all of the items to his house, up the mountain. The Grinch thinks that the Whos will be devastated when they wake up. However, the next morning,  the Grinch hears singing from Whoville. All the Whos were holding hands and singing Christmas songs together. They didn’t care about the presents missing or that the trees were gone. All they cared about was that they had each other. The Grinch was amazed and finally realized the true meaning of Christmas.

If you have never seen these great movies, snuggle up on the couch and make time to watch them! Holiday movies bring families together, and lift peoples spirit just in time for Christmas.

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