The Power of Power

By: James Baratta

  Power guides the world, but the outcome of this power can glorify goodness or scorch a stain on mankind. 

Think of Earth… Picture  snowy mountains towering ever so highly,  thick jungles plagued with life,  and  deserts ridden of it. Think of  oceans with waves swaying as if they are dancing,  riled in expression.

Now, picture a ship. Not just any ship. A gargantuan, metal monster dispelling fumes,  thick black clouds to be exact. There are massive containers piled upon each other, steady as a mountain. You know what’s in those containers? Money, but in another form. Everything from sports cars to play tea sets are coming back to their manufacturer in the form of money. Money is good, right?

You can do a lot with money. You can buy a private jet and fly to your own private island in the Caribbean that cost more than what a small country in Africa makes in a year. You can buy any amount of  super cars you desire, whose metal was mined in a labor camp in a third world country where the people who did all the hard work aren’t paid over a dollar an hour. You can buy stellar diamond earrings that two boys, not over the age of 14, killed each  other over in east Africa. Those are some of the things you can buy with a lot of money…     

What do you think of when you think of company? Apple? Google?  Now, what if I placed “corporate” in front of the word “company”, what do you think of? Factories enacting upon the same actions as the metal monsters crashing over the sea? I bet you see men in suits who shake hands as another man holds a large briefcase loaded with money, organized for their satisfaction. Think of this now, remember “power”? Think of “power” and “corporate” at the same time. Well, those two things fit together like puzzle pieces to form a grand image displaying desire, more specifically greed.     

Where are you right now? You are probably in a secure place, you home or school or somewhere else. Think of your country, think of the man or woman who leads it. They have a lot of power right? I mean, they’re the president or prime minister of the whole country. Their responsibility is to keep you safe and do what’s best for the country. Some leaders chose to  use the power they have to make the world a better place. If only there were more of those people…

William Gaddis, American novelist, once said “Power does not corrupt people, people corrupt power”. Power is an entity of life that is used in many ways. Think of it as a light. It can either be used to light a path through the darkness or scorch serenity. Power is sometimes used as both. It is used to end wars from shedding further blood. Sometimes, decisions must be made as to what the best course of action is, not the “right” thing to do.

Do you know why police officers are called peacekeepers? Because they do their best to keep the peace through action; more specifically through change. Standing around and waiting for the world to change isn’t going to do a darn thing. So that’s why peacekeepers and police officers, as well as the military in most cases, are the same thing. It’s not like we are put on earth  just to kill people for no reason. That’s what some people do anyway, it’s just human nature. Morals are non-existent in some people’s minds. That’s just a fact of life.

Corruption exists whether you like it or not. Many leaders have corrupted power in the past. Richard Nixon, Muhammad Suharto, etc. But the thing is, all these leaders could have used their power to make the world a better place.. They corrupted their power because of…wait, you guess. Don’t worry, there are some good people in the world…thankfully.     

Do you know what 5-Hour Energy is? If you haven’t heard of it or seen it, you probably should  get out more and connect to the world. Anyway, it is what is sounds like, energy for five hours. That’s useful right? I guess so, but not nearly as useful as what Manoj Bhargava, CEO of 5-Hour Energy is doing. His company is worth over 4 billion dollars and counting. That’s a lot of money. Well say goodbye, because 99% of that money is going to better uses. More specifically, a use that will change the world. He is establishing hospitals, making numerous scientific (engineering) and medical breakthroughs. These actions are not typical at all for an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs are focused on personal gain, but not him. Manoj Bhargava is a living and momentous example of a person in society who has power and uses it in a way to benefit the world.  

Now imagine, just imagine, if other rich corporations did so. We’d have a pretty awesome world huh?       

Well, guess what…you. Yeah you, the person reading this. Hi, I hope you’ve been paying attention because I have something special for you. Its really cool, you are going to love it. What I am going to tell you is 100% true, not that 99.9% mumbo jumbo   You have just as much power as him.       

In other words, you too can change the world. Yeah, you actually can. You don’t have to start off on a grand scale if you are not able to like Mr. Bhargava. It’s okay, just start small. Hey do me a favor. Don’t worry: it’s not hard.” A toddler could do it. Go walk outside. See what’s up. No, not the sky…I’m not good at sarcasm so don’t try anything. I won’t get it. See what’s happening in your community, who needs help? Everybody has problems, even me. We’re not perfect, that’s impossible, unless you’re like Jesus or something. Anyways, you can do anything with your mindset to it; bulging with determination.

Go outside and get involved in your community, and I don’t mean join a gang or get into a fight if that’s what you were thinking. I mean be like Manoj Bhargava. Not exactly like him, just have his mindset.   If you want something done, get out and do it.       

That’s it, nothing to it. If you want to make change, leave your mark on the world, just go out and do it. It’s not rocket science, usually…if you’re a rocket scientist trying to get a rocket to leave the gravitational bounds of Earth I can see that being a difficult task. Hey, so is trying to fly with your eyeballs, but believe it or not, it’s possible to do so. So instead of just reading this and being like “Oh okay” or “That’s neat”, get up and go make change… The world is waiting for you.

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