Meet Long Beach High School’s Salutatorian

By: James Baratta

Congratulations to Paige Rogoff for reaching a feat that requires a rigorous amount of discipline, determination, responsibility, and hard work. It is obvious that Paige Rogoff possesses every attribute listed plus many more. Becoming Salutatorian is just as difficult to achieve as becoming Valedictorian. As some may know, high school isn’t a walk in the park academically and socially. Paige excelled past expectations that were set by superiors. She chose a more treacherous path and still managed to come out on top, along with being on three varsity sports teams.

I asked Paige some questions as to how she was able to achieve this great feat. One can really learn from her experience here at LBHS.

Q1: What classes did you take in order to allow your GPA to spike?

To be honest, I didn’t take classes to get a high GPA, I took rigorous courses that would show colleges that I was challenging myself throughout my high school career. However, that meant that I had to become a candidate for the IB Diploma because this program has the most rigorous course load offered at LBHS. In addition, my high school success began in my final year of middle school. In order to take the challenging courses in high school in my earlier high school years, I had to take the accelerated courses that they offered in middle school (for example earth science and integrated algebra) in order to open up my high school schedule. This further allowed me to take AP Statistics and AP World history in my sophomore year of high school and later on, the IB Diploma. Also, I took courses that I was interested in, because it is so much easier to do well when you are interested in the class opposed to when the class is not of interest.

Q2: Was it your goal to become a salutatorian or was it an outcome of your effort and studiousness?

My goal throughout my entire life was to do well in school in order to get into the college of my choice and to possibly get scholarship to the university. Salutatorian was a result of my hard work and dedication to do well in school to lead me to a bright future.

Q3: Does freshman year effect your overall GPA in later high school years?

Freshman year is just as important to a student’s GPA as any other school year. It is critical to your success and sets a base to your future success in high school. In addition, courses in freshman year are not weighted as highly as IB and AP courses, so it is crucial to get high grades.

Q4: Have you participated in any sports and/or clubs, if so, which ones?

I am a three sport varsity athlete: volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse. I have participated in all of these three sports since I was a young girl and continued them in all my four years of high school. While these sports took up the majority of my time after school throughout my high school career, I have participated in a few other clubs. I attended Mathletes, Class Club, Student Organization, and Yearbook Club. In addition, I am a member of Athletes Helping Athletes and National Honor Society. I have also written an article in The Tide.

Q5:  Did these clubs and/or sports cause issues when attempting to complete school work?

Being highly involved in sports has been the catalyst behind my academic success. Attending practices everyday after school and games every other day has taught me how to manage my time effectively and efficiently. While sometimes it can be difficult to find time for schoolwork, it is manageable. Starting work early in the day and prior to due dates is necessary in order to finish work on time.

Q6: What was the most difficult class you have taken at LBHS?

Depending on how you define difficult, I would classify AP World History as my most challenging class. For me, I have trouble retaining information in history because I am not as interested in the information as I am with science and math courses..

Q7: Did your GPA increase over your years at LBHS or did it remain at a constant range?

I would definitely say that my grades remained relatively stable throughout my high school career, but they were definitely the lowest in freshman year due to the transition from middle school work to the high school work load and due to the absence of weighing the courses in freshman year.

Q8: : If you could describe your journey in high school with one word or phrase, what would it be?

A rollercoaster ride

Q9: What is your advice to upcoming freshman and other students to allow them to have good or even great grades?

Everything you do in high school counts, whether you think it does or not. Work hard and push yourself to limits that you didn’t think could exist. Don’t take courses you cannot handle, but push yourself to take courses that you have to work to do well.

Good grades aren’t just handed to you. You need to put in the work to get the outcome that you want. That means study hard and use your resources. Teachers are available after school for extra help. Utilize those hours. Try to finish assignments early and bring them to extra help for your teacher to look over so that you can edit them and make them even better than they were.

Homework is a HUGE portion of your grade and the portion that you are able to control. While you may not do the best on tests, if you do your homework on time, your grade will reflect that. Furthermore, class participation counts tremendously towards your average and teachers greatly take into account participation when they are filling out your report card.

Paige is a model to all students here at Long Beach High School. We should all strive to achieve greatness just as she did. Congratulations Paige on your crowning achievement in your academic career!

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