Long Beach Strong: 3 Years After Superstorm Sandy

By: Angela Maure

On October 29th  2012, Hurricane Sandy hit Long Beach, New York. This week, we remember the frightening winds that swept through our  town, causing utter damage to our homes and  devastation that we all shared.

Long Beach citizens could never forget looking out over the quiet streets — filled with sand from the dunes that we hoped would protect us — to see that the liveliness of our town was sucked out by Sandy’s strong winds, transforming the city by the sea into a ghost town.

Even though Sandy’s winds and waves were strong, we came together as a community and re-built Long Beach better than before. Everyone also shared the loss of the beautiful boardwalk. But as time passed, our city’s landmark was rebuilt and renovated, ready to be walked on once again.

It just goes to show that Long Beach has a diverse community that can unite to be  “stronger than the storm.”

Let’s all come together again! The City Council has invited us to share our photos of what Long Beach Strong means to us. Hashtag your photos #LBNYStrong at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or send it to info@longbeachny.gov to be featured in a collage. Join everyone on social media, as we remember the events of Hurricane Sandy

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