School Spirit with Senior Class President Sebastian Vidal

By: Emily Hulbert

spiritweekWe have reached the time of the year where Long Beach High School seniors get their chance to shine by showing their school spirit during Senior Week. This eventful week is filled with many opportunities for the seniors to dress up and enjoy their last homecoming. Scores of seniors have looked forward to this day ever since he/she was a freshman. Not only is it fun for the seniors, but it is also fun for the rest of the students and faculty to take part in this spirit-filled time in our school.

The person behind most of the planning and organizing for Senior Week is Sebastian Vidal, senior class president. Sebastian has been an avid participant in his class for the past three years and is ready to help the 2015-2016 seniors make their mark on the school. He has a wide array of ways, from senior events to regular school functions, for the seniors to spread their pride and positivity. “A little positivity can go a long way and my main goal is to make this the best year for all seniors, one that we will remember forever.”

The first day of Senior Week, Flashback Friday, kicked off on October 9th. Many seniors spiritweek2were dressed as younger versions of themselves, wearing overalls and onesies. Flashback Friday was able to be approved due to Sebastian’s ongoing effort to try to get an extra day for the seniors. His dedication definitely paid off! Sebastian is also working on making posters, t-shirts, and decorations with the help of other seniors. “We are planning on going above and beyond on decorations and senior spirit. I know this year everyone will see a positive change.” Of course, Sebastian is just getting started with his Senior Week surprises. Supposedly, there will be a surprise that the seniors will love for Blue and White Day. Be sure to attend the Long Beach High School Pep Rally on October 16th to find out what it will be.

The days for Senior Week are:

  1. Dynamic Duo Day- Tuesday October 13th
  2. Decades Day- Wednesday October 14th
  3. Switch It Up Day- Thursday October 15th
  4. Blue And White Day- Friday October 16th 

All students are encouraged to participate on Blue and White Day to show their school spirit!!!

With all the commotion going on, it is amazing how Sebastian is already thinking about the future of the 2015-2016 senior class. He has already made many successful attempts to unite the senior class so that it could be one big group of friends instead of many small groups. “I wanted to involve every possible senior and every group to make our last year enjoyable. I am working on trying to do more activities as a whole grade and improve our bond.” Sebastian has already tried a system called Senior Sunrise, something that is relatively new to Long Beach High School and a way to unite the senior class.

Even though it is only October, the senior class is already planning to leave a huge impact on Long Beach High School. “When the 2015-2016 seniors leave LBHS I want the faculty and staff as well as other students to remember us for our positive attitude. We are spiritweek3making new traditions that we hope will carry on for many years to come.” It is important to Sebastian that the seniors be remembered as a fun, outgoing, and above all, spirited senior class.

 Sebastian has been an important agent in ensuring that the seniors of 2015-2016 have the best spirit week imaginable. Without his determination and optimism, the current senior class would not have had the opportunities that they are now given. Thank you Sebastian for helping to make this senior year rock.

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