Getting to Know Our New Vice Principal

By: Kaitlyn Rivera & Cassie Stegman

IMG_2785.JPGWith the introduction of the 2015/2016 school year, Long Beach High School welcomes Mr. Claude Irwin into the faculty.  He was hired over the summer as the third vice principle for Long Beach High School. Because he is a new addition to the Long Beach staff, many students are curious to know his past careers and experiences before joining the Long Beach community. With the school year getting started, we seized the chance to sit down with Mr. Irwin.

Prior to Long Beach, Mr. Irwin worked in the Hempstead School District as a vice principal for both the middle and high school. Through this work, he gained leadership experience, which he hopes to use in our school.

Mr. Irwin was interested in Long Beach High School for a number of reasons. He liked the diversity among students as well as the resources and opportunities available to students. Additionally, he appreciates the different courses, clubs, and sports available to all students and the advancements taking place around the school. Already he has grown close to our staff and enjoys working with everyone.

Additionally, Mr. Irwin is very interested in the math programs at our high school. He has a strong background in math. Mr. Irwin wants to help advance the math programs and help students with that anyway he can. He is constantly checking up on the math classes throughout the day and is always interested on what the students are learning about. He is available to guide any students who need additional help in their math classes. Overall, he loves being here at Long Beach and excited for his future at Long Beach.

When asked about the events here at the high school, he informed us that he intends on attending as many events as possible, including homecoming. He is excited to see the spirit and enthusiasm the students and staff provide at the school events and is going to try to be a part of it. He feels it is important that he stays involved with the students both in school and at outside school events.

Mr. Irwin attended St. Louis University and had an undergraduate degree in aviation. He is very interested in aircrafts and the mathematics that goes along with it.

Another interesting fact is that he had enrolled in the military before he went to college. Being in the military gave him an excellent foundation of discipline, which he applies to his career as a vice principal. He has a balanced background of education and structure that he plans to enforce at our high school.

Mr. Irwin is excited to spend many years with us at the high school. He wants students to get to know him and reach out to him if they have any problems. He is assigned to students with last names from G-O, but is willing to help out everyone. He is sure that he is going to have a great school year and can’t wait to spend it with the students and staff of Long Beach High School. 

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