Long Beach High School’s Literary Club

By: Emily Hulbert

Calling all booklovers! Searching for an interesting and fun environment to read and discuss popular books? Look no further! Long Beach High School has recently recreated a Literary Club where both students and teachers can have intellectual discussions about all types of books.


Literary Club has been the only reading oriented club in Long Beach High School since its predecessor, Page Turners. One of the club’s main goals is to create an exciting area where students can feel comfortable reading books that they enjoy. Literary Club should not feel like your av


erage English class. Students are given the opportunity to choose what books they want to read. All genres are fair game! The only requirement is for the material to not be terribly graphic.

On a larger scale, Literary Club is hoping to impact the Long Beach Community by promoting the importance of literacy. It has been proven that the amount of time a student spends reading can greatly affect his score on the critical reading section on the SAT. Also, students who read regularly are more apt to recognize higher level vocabulary than those who rarely pick up a book. Similarly, it is very important for teenagers to read because reading promotes creativity and imagination, which is useful inside the classroom. Literary Club wants to introduce this passion for reading to all the students of Long Beach High School.

The Literary Club’s first meeting will be this Friday, September 18th in room 214. Meetings will be held Tuesdays and Fridays bi-monthly. The first book they will be reading is To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. They will also be discussing ideas for future books and possible ways to fundraise. There will be a free complimentary bookmark, for each student who attends the club meeting! If you have any questions please contact Ms. Filloramo, the club advisor, in room 214.

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