School Tips: Starting the School Year Off Right

By: James Baratta

The summer is what I look forward to once the weather warms up after a crude winter. The warm beaches, the soft, grainy sand sifting between my toes, bathing in the sun’s rays on a colorful beach blanket and surfing the elegant waves while inhaling the salty air that floats about.  However, all good things must come to an end.

Whether you are looking forward to school or dreading it, it is not a choice for you to go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best of it. That’s why it is important to go into school with a positive attitude. If you do not know how to be positive, don’t worry because you’re about to learn.

What are the positive aspects of school?

One obvious positive is that you learn and prepare for life, but that’s only one and it’s really obvious. What about meeting new people and seeing your friends? Isn’t it fun to attend an enjoyable club meeting or sports game/practice? Being occupied with your time is a lot better than being bored. How about relaxing in the library with earbuds in and reading a book? Well, that may not be as fun as hanging with friends, but those aren’t the only benefits to school.

Developing Good Relationships with Teachers

This is important because they are the people who can help you succeed. There isn’t much to maintaining good relationships with your teachers. You can participate, complete homework assignments, and arrive on time to class prepared  with your school supplies. Planning the fastest route to get to class can also help, but you eventually find an efficient way to arrive on time (mainly new students and freshman). All teachers of core subjects, languages, and certain electives provide extra help if needed. These sessions can be used to make up assignments such as labs, tests and quizzes. If you feel as if you are having trouble understanding a topic, even at extra help, try attending another teacher’s session that teaches the same material.


Stay Organized

It is easy to stuff your notes in your backpack, right? Well, what happens when you really need them and find them crumpled at the bottom of your bag; saturated in the yogurt you had a week ago? You can prevent this by being organized. Really, being organized is quite easy. Just follow these simple steps:


  1. Use your agenda, it is ideal for organization
  2. Use 1-inch binders…or notebooks with rings for each class
  3. Have a To Do List: Priorities on top, least important “to do’s” on the bottom. You can download a planner or a notepad on your phone for free
  4. Use a calendar,  mark exams, tests, quizzes, and due dates


Don’t Anticipate the Negative

Although school can be frustrating at times, anticipating stressful events won’t help you get through the day. Instead of focusing on the negative, identify the positive. Apply this thinking tool to other classes during the day and watch it work for you. Before you go ahead and let this method work its magic, know that it won’t be an effortless attempt. Just avoid anxiety of the unknown and focus on the positive!

Be Friendly

There are plenty of nice students at Long Beach High School and definitely some you may really click with. Where you may ask you can meet these kids? Clubs, sports practices, lunch, study halls, and pretty much any of your classes are places to meet people. It’s simple…just say hey and ask a relevant question. Some of these questions include “Could I borrow a…? By the way I’m (whatever your name is) ”, “This should be an interesting class” (if a student within the class does something comical), “Could I sit with you guys(or girls)? My friends all have lunch different periods”. Make up your own! Just be friendly, there isn’t much to it. Once you’ve made yourself known to the person(s). Make sure you introduce yourself (like the first question). If a group of students expresses a rude attitude or ignores you, who needs ‘em?! There are plenty of groups of kids for you to become friends with at Long Beach High School.

Avoid Drama

However, some students tend to talk negatively about others. It is not smart to get involved in these cliques. Drama can be avoidable and when involved in these type of cliques, you can easily get caught up in drama/gossip without even realizing that you are part of it. Within the clique, you may overhear a conversation, gossip, or students making fun of a friend of yours and you’ll be caught in an uncomfortable position. What do you think would be the best solution for this situation? The best one would be to politely excuse yourself from the conversation, make mental note that these kids are not who you should be associating yourself with. You still have the conversation in your head and feel like you should tell your friend. Do you think that would be the right thing to do? In the end, it would make your friend feel hurt by what the clique said about him/her. It would be smart to only inform your friend of the conversation if you have to.

High School isn’t a walk in the park
At times, school can be stressful, but don’t let the stress control you. You may not realize it now, but school is more important than you really think.

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