Use the Summer

By: James Baratta

Finally, the school year is coming to an end and soon enough you’ll be home with two months of time on your hands. What are your plans or goals? Netflix? YouTube? Video games and isolation? Those forms of entertainment are good and all, but it has the power to control you. Don’t let it keep you from going out and living life!

The summer is a time of opportunity. There are so many activities that you can do to stay occupied instead of doing nothing all summer. One of those activities is going to the local beach. Although it may cost a small fee to get in, it’s well worth it. As soon as you sink your toes into the warm sand, the beach is yours! Bring a ball or a beach game; bring a chair and relax under the blazing sun while your ears are enchanted by the sounds of the crashing waves. Surf or boogie board, why not swim?

Looking to get that beach body? The boardwalk is great for running and biking. The best times for running are early in the morning or late afternoon. From one end of the boardwalk to the other, it’s 2.2 miles. If you were to run from one end and back, you would have run almost 4 and a half miles (4.4 miles). Running is great exercise because it increases lung capacity, gets your legs stronger, makes your stomach stronger, and releases endorphins. Challenge yourself and do some push-ups and sit-ups while you’re at it. You don’t have to run the entire boardwalk if you are a beginner. Over time you’ll see results! Don’t forget to hydrate and include protein in your diet; it will help in your quest for fitness. Biking is great too because it isn’t as intense as running and you are still getting exercise; release those endorphins!

There are many ways that you can use the summer to your advantage.   Do you have your SAT’s coming up this year? The summer is a good time to learn some words you are unfamiliar with. Keep a journal and learn 3-6 words a day; if you are really up for a challenge, try 5-10 a day. There are many SAT books out there just waiting for you! Another way you can benefit long-term from the summer is by learning a language or becoming more proficient at one you already know. There are many free videos on the internet that can help you in your journey to learn a language. The world is at your fingertips so go for it!

In the summer, time is not an issue; usually. As soon as you finish that last test in June; you’re free to do whatever you want for the rest of the summer. Now is the time to call up your friends and head to East End Pizza or another one of the many hot spots in Long Beach, such as Earth Arts. Earth Arts is a ceramics, arts, and crafts store where you can make your idea of a vase or other type of ceramics come to life! It is a great place to express your creativity!

Looking to earn a little extra cash? As long as you have your working papers and a decent résumé, feel free to get yourself out there! There are many jobs available locally and many of them need employees. Remember to keep your options open, there may be another job out there that pays more! Also, when creating a résumé, be sure to include any volunteer work, academic achievements, special skills, or language advantages. Don’t be afraid to inform your potential employer of any references that you may have such as a teacher or other adult; this could possibly make or break the job you desire.

Every once in a while during summer, it rains and makes it not as fun to be outside. Instead of looking at rain as a negative thing, it can actually allow positive productivity. During rainy days, you can catch up on your reading, play video games, watch Netflix/YouTube, invite some friends over, or complete over the summer school work if you have it. Summer is meant for relaxation, so feel free to kick back and relax; even on nice days if you feel like it!

60 days is 1,440 hours. Time is something you cannot get back and it would be wise to spend it doing something productive or just enjoying what life has to offer. There is a Latin word “Carpe Diem” which means “seize the day”. Why is this important? Well, Carpe Diem is a word that should be lived by to enjoy life and achieve greatness. Summer is a time for Carpe Diem; go ahead and take advantage of the 1,440 hours that are available to you!

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