The REAL Reason People Watch the Superbowl

By Noemi Colon

superbowlEvery year on the first Sunday of February millions of people get together with their families and friends to sit around and watch the Super Bowl. The day is filled with people circled around the TV, shouting and screaming for their favorite teams.

However, not every person who watches the Super Bowl does so purely for the game itself. For many, the multi- million dollar commercials and the Super Bowl halftime show attract quite an audience.

Some of my favorite commercials were the think like a girl commercial by Always. The commercial was about how a girl’s confidence and insecurities change after puberty. The commercial asked a series of questions to girls, a boy, and some actors to get their “unscripted” responses about how girl’s look while being athletic. The responses were paralleled to show their true message. If you missed the commercial, you can check out this link.

I also liked the Dove men care commercial. The commercial highlighted the idea that in caring for his children, it makes a man stronger. The heartwarming commercial is below.  Dove Commercial

In addition to the commercials, many people watch the game for the halftime show. This year Katy Perry performed; she opened the performance dressed in a sparkled dress with yellow and orange flames. She rode onto the field on a giant mechanical tiger while singing one of her songs “Roar.”

Her performance featured a couple of dress changes and special effects as she flew through the air on a flying star while performing her smash hit, “Firework.”

Special guest, Lenny Kravitz, made a short appearance on stage to sing with Perry, and Missy Elliott shocked audiences as she performed for the first time in many years. Overall, the show was filled with excitement and captivated audiences for the short half time break.

After the performance the game resumed, but I was more focused on more important things like waiting for the next commercial break…

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