Sleepless Nights and Daunting Due Dates

By Jarvin Carbajal and Sarah Murphy

zzsMany teenagers nowadays have the same problem; they do not get enough sleep. This can be caused by a number of reasons, but a large factor is due to school work and the pressure that comes along with it. When we interviewed two anonymous students from Long Beach High School, they answered a few questions regarding this issue and how they feel it affects their academic life.

Both students told us that they get an average of four to five hours of sleep every night, which is much less than the recommended eight hours. The students told us that they feel “horrible”, and “unmotivated”, when they wake up for school in the early hours of the morning. They told us that procrastination is a problem for many students, as it is difficult to start their homework straight after the tiring school day. However, the amount of work given, even without procrastination, still takes a long time to complete in just one night.

In class, due to the lack of sleep these students get, their performance in the classroom is usually impacted. There always seems to be at least one or two kids falling asleep on their desk, not being able to pay attention to what is being taught that day because they are so tired.  As a result, many students get caught in this cycle of sleepless nights and lack of energy throughout the school day. One of the students described their lack of energy by saying “When the lights go out, I go out”. It can become a serious problem because the right amount of sleep is essential for teenagers to be in good health and be productive, and student’s grades can begin to drop as a consequence of this cycle.

Many teenagers feel as though they can’t even enjoy their weekends or time off without having to worry about the amount of work they still have to do for school. It’s a constant race against time to finish assignments that keep on coming.

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