Winter Blues

By: James Baratta

winter-bluesAs winter starts to roll away, the sun continues to set at a later point in the day; however, I feels like winter may never end. The bitter cold temperatures, cloudy skies, and violent winds are a constant reminder of the unforgiving weather.

The aura of winter casts an almost gloomy spell upon many students at Long Beach High School. This spell is the winter blues. The winter blues (commonly known as seasonal depression) is a minor depression caused by the increased amount of darkness throughout the day.  Also contributing to the blues are the unfavorably low temperatures outside prevent many outdoor activities such as running, biking, basketball, soccer, etc. So ask yourself…

How can I fight the winter blues?

The numerous activities open to an affected student at Long Beach High School are extraordinary and almost overwhelming. Think about joining a club, sport, afterschool activity, or get involved in the school community.

On the weekends or afterschool, go to a coffee shop to hang out with friends and enjoy a nice, cup of hot cocoa or an energizing cup of coffee. Have a movie night with friends and stay warm indoors. Snuggle up by a fireplace with a nice book.

If you enjoy the outdoors, embrace the snowy season by going skiing, snowboarding or ice skating. There are a number of ski mountains only a few hours away from Long Island in New Jersey, Upstate New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Gather a group of friends and take a road trip together.

All of these suggestions will hopefully get you through the next few weeks of winter blues.

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