Long Beach Relay for Life

By Mary-Elizabeth McCourt

relay_for_life_logoRelay for life is a community-based event that fundraises for the fight against cancer. At Relay for Life Events, communities come together to honor people who are cancer survivors, battling cancer, and those who lost their lives. With the support of the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life is a global, life-changing event that helps in the fight against cancer.

Because cancer is a never ending battle. Relay for Life events are usually over night, making it one of the most unique and popular fundraisers. Before the big day, teams of eight (including one adult over the age of 25) sign up to take shifts walking around a track or gym. Each team pitches its own tent and occupies it for a full 24 hours.

During the 24 hours, there is an opening ceremony to welcome all participants. Then, all cancer survivors take a lap to celebrate their victory over cancer. After, there is a caregiver lap for anyone who has cared for cancer patients.

At night, luminatia bags and candles are lit to honor those who have had cancer and those who are fighting it. Throughout the night, there are family games, activities, and entertainment to help teams make it through the night.

This year, Relay for Life plans to come back to Long Beach stronger than ever. Plans are currently being made to reserve space to hold the event sometime during the month of May. To learn more about Relay for Life, come join us at the next meeting, Monday February 9th after school in the guidance office. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Brandon Persaud.

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