Snow, Slush and Winter Weather

By: The Tide Staff

It is that time of year… snow, slush and bitter cold weather. The past few weeks Long Island and the metro area has seen their fair share of this winter mix. Slow, slush, ice, snowand bitter cold temperatures cover the roads, our homes, and every inch of the ground. When winter hits, it hits hard! The weather forecast continually shows plummeting temperatures and more snow accumulation. While it is nice to have a snow day every once in a while, I think it is fair to say many people are fed up with the snow and ice.

Long Island has seen 20 plus inches this winter; however, in the past couple of winters we have seen at least 50 inches of snow! We are only about halfway through this snowy season. There is a possibility we might not get as much snow as in previous years, but be prepared that we may see  much more snow.

The Tide featured an article last year about the risks of black ice and cold temperatures. Some of the most important suggestions mentioned were to cover all areas of skin when outdoors, do not stay outdoors for long periods of time, and be on the lookout for black ice when walking on roads and sidewalks. Adding to these suggestions, are some tips for student drivers…

If you drive to school, take time to clear off your car in the morning. There is nothing worse than a moving snowball rolling down the street with snow and ice chunks flying snowy carbehind. Also, take your time because it is impossible to spot black ice which can cause a number of problems. While some say letting your car “warm up” before you drive it is not necessary; however, if you drive an older car, it is probably a good idea. On cold days where temperatures are in the teens and single digits, cars should be warmed before driving on slick and snow-covered roads.

Keep the layers on and stay warm for another few weeks. It was said the groundhog saw his shadow, so Long Islanders may be in for seven more weeks of this winter weather!

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