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The 2015 Oscar Awards: Who Took Home The Award For “Best Dressed”?

  By: Alexis Carfagno  The red carpet was rolled out and the trophies were all lined up as the renowned and prestigious Academy Awards made its way to Hollywood, California for its 87th annual award show. The night was full of … Continue reading

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The REAL Reason People Watch the Superbowl

By Noemi Colon Every year on the first Sunday of February millions of people get together with their families and friends to sit around and watch the Super Bowl. The day is filled with people circled around the TV, shouting … Continue reading

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Sleepless Nights and Daunting Due Dates

By Jarvin Carbajal and Sarah Murphy Many teenagers nowadays have the same problem; they do not get enough sleep. This can be caused by a number of reasons, but a large factor is due to school work and the pressure that comes … Continue reading

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Winter Blues

By: James Baratta As winter starts to roll away, the sun continues to set at a later point in the day; however, I feels like winter may never end. The bitter cold temperatures, cloudy skies, and violent winds are a constant … Continue reading

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Long Beach Relay for Life

By Mary-Elizabeth McCourt Relay for life is a community-based event that fundraises for the fight against cancer. At Relay for Life Events, communities come together to honor people who are cancer survivors, battling cancer, and those who lost their lives. With … Continue reading

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ASPIRA Club brings students’ cultures together: Culture Collision 2015

By: Angela Maure Since 1961, ASPIRA has served nearly half a million youth, in over 200 schools and 78 communities across the country. ASPIRA is now one of the largest national Hispanic organizations in the country with young people from all backgrounds. It’s the only national organization dedicated primarily to the education and development of Latino youth. Long Beach High School’s diverse atmosphere inspires students  to join ASPIRA. Many students fear their cultural backgrounds may be criticized; however, in the club students openly tell others about their nationalities, while they indulge to learn about different cultures. Today’s students struggle with the heavy weight of both school work and searching for colleges, so ASPIRA is the perfect after school activity that encourages students to gain educational experiences, explore college opportunities, and make friends! Gabe Aristobal, the Pulpitarian of the ASPIRA club, states “the club embraces diversity and welcomes every students with open arms, The people are very nice, they don’t treat anyone like an outsider. It’s a very nice club.” The club also holds field trips to universities that are holding college fairs. This gives seniors  and juniors an opportunity to look for a college they want to apply for. Meanwhile, freshmen and sophomores can get a head­-start and learn about colleges that they might be interested in. … Continue reading

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Shrek the Musical

Today, at 7:30, is opening night for Long Beach High School’s musical, Shrek. The show will be open for three nights, as it closes on Saturday. It was directed by Mrs. Krywe and student directed by Annie Gloegler. During this … Continue reading

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