The New Year and New Resolutions

By: The Tide Staff

blank list of resolutions on blackboardWe are a few weeks into the new year and  people are still feeling confident about their new year’s resolutions. Whether it be, loosing weight, going to the gym more, eating healthy, saving money or volunteering more. While many people make resolutions, it is common knowledge that most never keep true to their promises for the new year. Nevertheless, we decided to provide some helpful tips for keeping your resolution in 2015.

1. Start Small: Don’t make a resolution that is a complete lifestyle change because it is impossible to change you entire life in one step. Resolutions that are too ambitious are likely to fail. Think about making a series of small resolutions because you are more likely to complete the smaller changes before a overhaul of your life.

2. Set Goals: Each week or month set a goal for yourself that you hold yourself accountable for. By setting the goals on a weekly or monthly basis, you will remain more clearly focused on the resolution. Setting goals can also assist you  in tracking your progress over time.

3. Reward Yourself: Be sure to reward yourself in someway for holding true to your goals and keeping focused on the resolution. Everyone deserves a little encouragement and motivation to keep moving forward. Your rewards may assist your further progress at a goal or encourage you to focus on the goal.

4. Accept Obstacles:  No one is perfect and you should not expect that of yourself either. When you slip up, fall behind or regress, have the will power to not give up completely. Know that you probably will have to “start over” or renew your passion for your resolution a few times.

5. Enjoy the Process: This resolution is something you most likely want for yourself , probably to “make you better” in whatever way you feel you need. Embrace the challenge and enjoy the process of getting there. If your resolution is making you miserable, you may want to re-evaluate why you made this resolution in the first place.

These tips can help to assist in more diligently following and holding true to your new years resolutions. Hopefully, these resolution tips will help you to hold fast to those resolutions and have a successful and happy 2015.


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