New Year, New Club

By: The TIDE Staff

Welcome to 2015. While many are working hard to keep to their new year’s resolutions, make a resolution for yourself to get more involved in the school.  For example, join a club, team or after school activity.  Joining a new activity can have a number of benefits such as meeting new people, exploring an interest and becoming a more involved in the school. For information about clubs and a schedule of when the clubs meet, check out Long Beach High School’s website and click on the club calendar.

The high school has over thirty clubs for students to join. Most clubs meet after school from  3-4 pm. If you are looking to get more involved and don’t know where to start, speak with your teachers or guidance counselors.

The Tide is always looking for new writers, photographers, and anyone interested in contributing to the school’s newspaper. If you have an interest in journalism or writing, this is the perfect club for you.

Being involved in the school’s extracurricular activities looks great when applying to colleges to show your involvement in your school. Clubs provide an extra opportunity to diversify yourself from your peers when applying to colleges.  Don’t wait until your junior or senior year to join an activity, get involved today!


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