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The New Year and New Resolutions

By: The Tide Staff We are a few weeks into the new year and  people are still feeling confident about their new year’s resolutions. Whether it be, loosing weight, going to the gym more, eating healthy, saving money or volunteering … Continue reading

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A Golden Night For Hollywood – The 2015 Golden Globe Awards

By: Alexis Carfagno We all are familiar with the four seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall, but did you know there is a fifth season in Hollywood? It’s… award season! Award season is currently in full effect and the red carpet was rolled … Continue reading

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Peer Mediation

By: Noemi Colon Peer mediation is both a program and a process. Peer mediation is used in many schools across the country and is proven to assist students resolve conflicts. Mediation is able to assist in reducing staff time spent on … Continue reading

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New Year, New Club

By: The TIDE Staff Welcome to 2015. While many are working hard to keep to their new year’s resolutions, make a resolution for yourself to get more involved in the school.  For example, join a club, team or after school … Continue reading

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