Logarithm and Blues

By Derek Topper

The recently formed Long Beach High School Mathletes kicked off its inaugural season this October. The team has already competed in three matches at Oceanside High School placing third in the first two and fourth in the third meet. Seven teams have competed in each of the three meets. The team has been preforming admirably at the Nassau County Interscholastic Math League’s first few meets.

The team consists of…


  • Alec Wall
  • Daniel Talay
  • Derek Topper


  • Jonathan Kapillian
  • Alexandra Kapillian
  • Jacob Kaplan
  • Jordan Torregrosa


  • Jen Arnaud
  • Allison Thursland

Each meet consists of the team answering a series of three, two-question complex mathematical problem sets in ten minutes. The questions, in the fields of algebra geometry, and trigonometry, have been no match for the team. They have handily outperformed teams from Lynbrook, Baldwin, South Side and Oceanside High Schools.

“I am very proud of what the team has accomplished so far this season. I look forward to seeing how the team can do during the rest of the season,” said advisor Mr. Prince.

The team, nicknamed the Logarithm and Blues, is competing as a part of the Nassau County Interscholastic Math League and has a total of forty-two points through their three matches. They will also be competing in other competitions throughout the year such as the AMC 12.

The team will compete in the fourth and fifth rounds on January 6th and February 10th of 2015. The Mathletes club meets every other Tuesday in Room 320. Long Beach High School is very proud to have such great mathematical minds at our school and wishes the team the best of luck at the rest of their meets.

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