Lights, Camera….. Anna Falvey!

By: Emily Hulbert

We all know that fall is here and winter is near by the things we witness before us. The leaves are falling, it is  getting colder, and  Long Beach High School is getting ready to perform its annual drama production. The production this November is  A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens! I was lucky enough to sit down with the one and only Anna Falvey,  student director of the drama. Anna is a very eccentric addition to the Christmas Carol cast and is dedicated to making the production meaningful.
  1. How long have you been involved in acting?

I think I started in third grade. My first show was Bye Bye Birdie, and I was the mayor.

  1. How did you achieve the position as student director?

Basically, Mrs. Krywe chooses the students who work really really hard throughout the entire time that they are involved in the high school drama program. Starting from freshman year, you have to do everything that you can for the production and prove that you are dedicated. Also, you have to express an interest in it. I’ve always wanted to direct.

  1. Is student directing what you expected it to be?

To some degree, yes. I really really enjoy the whole directing aspect, but it is just so much work. The ability to get in depth with actors about what the show and the lines mean, who the characters are,  and what they should  think about their characters. That is my forte. As student director, I am responsible for blocking some of the show, which means that you are giving people stage directions and telling them what they are supposed to be doing on stage. Also, there’s a lot of paper work to be filled out and much more crew stuff than I’m used to. I used to just lay back because I was the actor. I never had to worry about crew stuff. I helped a lot with the set like setting up things and spiking the stage (putting tape down where props are supposed to go). It’s a lot more hard work than I anticipated, but it is very very rewarding.

  1. What new experiences has Student Directing given you?

I’ve learned an infinite amount in dealing with people socially and emotionally. It’s really hard being put in a position of having authority over kids your own age or even older. It is very difficult being in that position sometimes times. Having to listen to a peer with authority is not a thing that people like; however,it has taught me a lot about leadership skills and about how to deal with being put in that position.

  1. Can you explain what the fall LBHS Drama Production will be about?

It is A Christmas Carol. A Christmas Carol is also a classic book by Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens wrote a lot of fairytales like Oliver. A Christmas Carol is a story about Scrooge who is basically a jerk that really hates Christmas for some reason. He is a bitter old man who is mean to everybody and never finds happiness in his life. This guy who was his former business partner comes and says (in a haunting voice) “Scrooge, you’re going to be haunted by three ghosts.” I’m the Ghost of Christmas Past. He gets haunted by Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. They are supposed to teach him how to be a better person, and he ends up being a better person.

  1. What surprises should the audience look for in the show?

We’ve worked really hard to try and make it creepy. We’re still in the lighting and sound phase of the production, so I’m not quite sure how that is going to work out yet. We tried really hard not to make it a light fluffy play. We wanted to actually hit hard with how meaningful it is. Also, the cast spent a lot of time working on accents which should be exciting.

  1. If you could explain the play in three words what would they be?

The play would be wordy, messed-up, and heartfelt. The process would be blood, sweat, and tears.

It was so nice to speak and laugh with Anna because she is so affable. I’m sure that the school’s production is in good hands. You can see Anna and many of your other school mates in LBHS’s Production of A Christmas Carol on November 20th, 21st , and 22nd. The show begins at 7:30 and tickets are $8.00. Good Luck to the Cast and Crew of A Christmas Carol!

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