“Smarty” Ochs

By Jarvin Carbajal

Corey Ochs has been chosen to be the salutatorian of Long Beach High School’s graduating DSCN7721class of 2015. Because of all of his efforts and hard work that he has done throughout high school, he has been selected to represent our class with this amazing reward.

Corey is a very busy student athlete; he takes 7 IB courses and also plays on a number of sports teams. He plays soccer in the fall, swims during winter and tennis in the spring. He is very active and intelligent student in our school.

According to Corey his study habits are to review all his notes on a daily basis. He re-reads all his notes, important information he jots down, and worksheets. Often, he listens to music and re-writes his notes if needed because writing helps him to remember the information.

When I asked Corey his advice on organizing a student’s time to accomplish work, he answered, “ I think that organization is the key to do well in school. You have to have good notes, good binders and everything prepared. It is also very important to have your agenda set up so you can write everything down. When it is possible, the best thing to do is to try to get ahead whenever you have any extra time throughout the week or over the weekend. Try to try to get that load off the day before.”

In Corey’s own words the sensation that he felt when he heard that he was chosen as the salutatorian was: “I felt a little bit shock, to be honest, and I was obviously extremely happy. There was a little bit of satisfaction that all the hard work throughout high school had paid off.”

Corey invests his free time enjoying himself and hanging out with his friends. He has an abundance of TV shows and movies that he likes to watch. Simply, he does anything to relax himself and not think about school.

For Corey high school has been a great responsibility and there are times when he just want to stop and take a week off for vacation. It is definitely a challenge but is part of life and you just have to challenge and push yourself. Corey has felt support from family, friends, and teachers throughout his high school experience.

A perfect student in Corey’s opinion is a person who definitely does their work and takes their time. The perfect student doesn’t have to have the best grades, but they work hard at what they do. They are able to see many different viewpoints, accept ideas and be open-minded to all ideas and concepts that are presented to you. The main characteristic that a perfect student must possess is a good work ethic.

The message that Corey would give to all students, not only of Long Beach High School. but any student is: “You all need to find your balance between school and extracurricular activities: whether you like to be in the drama, sing, or play sports. Overall, you should get involved in many extracurricular activities as possible, and apply that balance that works for you between school and after school activities. Extracurricular activities help you to have fun and allows for a release from studying and school work.”

Corey is applying to colleges right now, he is not set on one school at the time. Based on his work ethics and balance of time he will be successful no matter where his future leads him. We wish him the best of luck in his future.

Check back on Friday for the interview with Maegan Micotta “The valedictorian”.

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