School Tips: Balancing Time

By: James Baratta

High school can be stressful and extremely busy. There are many opportunities that are available to you as a student. Numerous clubs and amazing sports are enjoyable for students, but there is one problem…

Some of these activities are very time consuming. It can be difficult balancing time between clubs and other activities such as sports or schoolwork.


As a freshman, I did not know how to balance my time at all. It was so stressful balancing schoolwork and sports. I found that there are many students who feel this similar stress. After speaking with students and teachers, I am here to tell you there are many ways to balance your time while doing sports, schoolwork, and clubs.

Luckily, most sports do not begin until 3:30. Knowing this, there is a window of time for you to go to club meetings. Also, it is good to know that you do not have to be at every single club meeting, every single day of the week. Some days it is okay to arrive at practice later, just check in with your coach and get their input.

An important thing to remember when choosing clubs is: how many clubs can you handle and what days can you make time for them. Make decisions based on what other activities you do after school such as sports and schoolwork. Don’t bite off more than you can chew and remember to take things one step at a time.

Different people have different opinions, so I interviewed a teacher and a student asking for their input about balancing time. The first person I interviewed was an Long Beach High School student, Samantha Reichert.

Q: When does school begin to become stressful at home?

School begins to get stressful when I come home after a soccer game and have an exam or essay due the following day.

Q: How do you balance sports and homework?

As soon as I get home, I eat dinner to give myself a break. I then do my homework however late it may be.

Q: How do you deal with extensive homework?

I break the homework down into small parts and complete it throughout the course of the day.

Q: Are you tired after sports practice and does it affect your studies?

I am tired after sports practice, but I know that once I study and complete everything, I have the rest of the night to relax.

Q: Do you think creating time to relax is beneficial?

Yes, having time to relax is important because you do not want to burn yourself out.

These questions are common concerns students have in their academic and social lives. We can all relate to this student’s perspective about school and how to enjoy our academic lives just as much as our social lives. In order to receive a different perspective on how students balance their time, I decided to interview a teacher.

Q: Do you understand how students feel about school?

Yes, I understand. I was in high school once too.

Q: Does the work you deploy seem fair to your students? How much is too much?

Yes, I do not assign a large amount of homework

Q: How do you think student’s academic life affects a student’s social lives outside of school?

I believe students can learn to do things independently with knowledge from school.

Q: How do you think school affects student’s extra-curricular activities?

School should always come first. As long as you are successful in school, you should be able to participate in those activities.

Q: Do you understand that students need time to complete their studies, participate in other activities, and need time to themselves? Do you keep this in mind when distributing homework?

Yes, and that is why I only distribute homework when necessary.

Based on the input of teachers and students in the school, it is best to organize your time and prioritize your work. School always comes before extracurricular activities; however, once you have figured out how to best balance your time, you can get more  involved in the school community.


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