Senior Town Hall Meeting

By Molly Pfaff

Wednesday, October 29th was Long Beach High School’s first ever Senior Town Hall Meeting. The meeting was hosted by Mr. Stroud and the President of the senior class, Brandan Persaud. It was held ninth period in the auditorium. Brandan organized the meeting for seniors to express their thoughts, concerns, and opinions about issues in Long Beach High School.

The auditorium was filled with over 130 eager seniors, as well as teachers and faculty. The meeting started off with the topic of food; students addressed their concern over the food served in the cafeteria and the expense of food items. Mr. Stroud acknowledged this concern.

Students also addressed concern to the issue of not being allowed to park in the parking lot, as well as the lack of parking spaces in the street. The principal stated that there is no simple solution to this problem, due to the fact that there is hardly any extra spots available in the lot after all of the teachers park. Therefore, it would not be fair for some students to have parking availability and other students to not have the access.

Another important issue brought up was the morning bus situation on Blackheath Road. Students and parents alike have complained about getting stuck in the long line of cars waiting for the buses pulling out of the school from the time of 7:35 AM to 7:50 AM. This long wait causes many students to be late for school. Mr. Stroud explained that the buses have to attend another job, and the requested later release of buses would not be possible.

The last concern was one associated with scheduling appointments with guidance counselors.  Concerns were heard about the limited time slots open for available appointments. This frustration was expressed by various students until the ninth period bell rang. Mr. Stroud did not have time to respond to this concern.

While some of the concerns voiced did not have the anticipated response, seniors were given answers for why certain rules and procedures must be in place. Mr. Stroud is open to hearing student concerns and is willing to work with students to make changes in Long Beach High School.

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