2014 Senior Week & Pep Rally

By: Emma Cohen

homecomingThe Long Beach High School Senior Week was a fantastic success! The seniors showcased some fabulous, creative, and unique costumes. Our Voting Poll on the Long Beach Tide Website was a great way to share the originality of seniors who had spent a lot of time on their outfits. The three days included Decades Day, Dynamic Duo Day and Switch It up Day.

The Winners for Each Category Include:homecoming 1

Decades Day– Fiona Ambrosini As Jesus

Dynamic Duo Day- Jackie Gruber and Unice Kim As Pedro And Napolean

Switch It Up Day– Max Dexter As A Stylish Girl

The 2014 pep rally, on the new sports turf field, proved to be the best one yet. The pep really featured many new and exciting events. Representatives from each class competed in various competitions modeled after the class olympics. Teachers even joined the homecoming2competition to complete with the students. The Bay Bucket Challenge was a much anticipated event as well. Throughout the pep rally, students were selected to pour the water over their teacher’s heads. Towards the end of the pep rally, students flocked to the middle of the field to watch the teacher’s get doused with water. The cheerleaders performed a fantastic routine for the school, and the marching band performed wonderful music! Finally, the homecoming3senior homecoming king and queen were announced at the end of the pep rally. Congratulations to Liz Deniston and Brian Horne for winning that honor.

Many students and teachers were very happy to experience this innovative pep rally and hope that the format remains.

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