Fall Athlete Spotlight

By: Molly Pfaff

Long Beach High School’s athletic department has produced some talented athletes over the years.   This year, The Tide has decided to put a spotlight on some of those talented individuals. Each sport season, we will feature athletes from the teams in season. For our first spotlight, we have chosen Billy Horgan.

Billy Horgan is the senior captain of the Long Beach High School Soccer Team, as well as kicker of the Long Beach High School Football Team. He is an outstanding athlete that plays not just one, but two soccervarsity sports during the fall season.

One varsity sport requires extreme dedication and commitment because many hours are spent at practice and games. Billy’s main focus is soccer; similarly, he also plays on a club team. He has played on the varsity team for four years now. Unfortunately, Billy hasn’t been able to play for the full fall season because he injured his foot earlier in the fall. Luckily, he’s returned to both soccer and football.

Billy hasn’t been playing football for as long, but due to his athletic ability and skilled “soccer foot”, he was asked to try out to kick for the football team. He has been kicking with great success and accuracy for the football team for two years now. His presence on the team has led Long Beach Varsity Football Team to many points from field goals.

  Why did you decide to play two sports?

I decided to play two sports because I’ve played soccer all my life, and when asked to kick for the football team, I couldn’t say no. I like playing sports and being on the football team is a great opportunity to get more involved.

Do you have any hobbies outside of soccer and football?

I don’t play on the basketball team, but I like to play pick-up basketball.

 How do you balance playing two varsity sports on top of your demanding senior year academic schedule?

I have to manage my time wisely, week by week, according to my game schedules and due dates for school. I also have to be very organized with my work.

What obstacles have you run into? How do you attend both practices?

Since I’ve always been on the soccer team, I try to attend almost every soccer practice, and I go to all the games. Most football games are on Saturdays, so I can attend those. Some days I have to go to football to practice my kicking after a soccer practice.

 What are your goals for the upcoming season?

Personally, I want to get healthy and fully recover from my foot injury. I hope to be able to make a run for playoffs for both soccer and football. Also, it would be cool to win a football game off one of my field goals.

Do you have any desire to play sports in college?

I’m hoping to play soccer in college next year.

 As the fall season wraps up, we wish all of the sports teams good luck in the playoffs. Billy truly is a talented athlete and deserving of the first athlete spotlight.

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