Welcome In The Fall Fashion Trends – Which Will You Try?

By: Alexis Carfagno

    This season the leaves are not the only thing changing color – the latest trends and styles are changing by the minute too! The brisk weather, pumpkins, and the start of football season all symbolize the autumn season we have all come to know and love! As we all say “good-bye for now” to our summer clothing and welcome in the new autumn season, one question pops into many of our minds:  “What are some of this year’s fall fashion must-haves?” Wonder no more, as the answer to that question is right here! Take a look at some of this year’s fall fashion must haves!
fashionTwo-toned Pants: Can’t decide whether you want to wear your black pants or your denim jeans when you’re out with friends at the fall festival? Why have to pick one when you can wear both! This fashion trend is making its way into every fashion store. Two-toned pants come in a variety of styles: whether it be a solid color with a patch of denim or a dark denim pants with a light denim patch. The great thing about two-toned pants is that it opens up a whole new world to more articles of clothing you can match with it. Two-toned pants are seen in many of your favorite stores like Forever 21!
Orange: Many of us are familiar with the show Orange Is The New Black; however, it looks like that statement is also true in the fashion world! Orange has become a new autumn trend and was featured multiple times on the runway during New York Fashion Week and LA Fashion Week. Whether it be a hint of orange on a long skirt or an orange cardigan, orange is this season’s color that is catching everyone’s eyes.
fashion2  Double Skirt: A mixture of the high-low skirt with a leather skirt – why not? If you’re not ready to put away your skirts and dresses just yet, the double skirt is the fall trend for you! The double skirt emphasizes a “go-to” autumn fashion trend… layering. Just like the two-toned pants, the double skirt can match with just about anything and everything in your closet!
Ankle Boots: Ankle boots, ankle boots and more ankle boots! Ankle boots are a fall fashion trend that is stealing the hearts of fashion lovers all over. Whether you are wearing jeans, a skirt or a dress, ankle boots are a perfect way to finish off your look and make your outfit chic.
The “Boyfriend” Ripped Jeans: Another fall fashion trend that is making a comeback is what is known as the “boyfriend” ripped jeans. Ripped jeans have always bfashion3een an adored article of clothing during any season, but many of us are starting to notice that ripped jeans are in just about every store you walk into. Combine the “boyfriend” ripped jeans with a leather jacket and your ankle boots and – presto! – you have yourself one amazing yet casual outfit!
Slip On Sneakers: Slip on sneakers are an excellent addition to the fall fashion trends list! Slip on sneakers have been featured as a “must-have” in many magazines and in great shoe stores like Steve Madden. The slip on sneakers come in many different styles – pick the one that suits you best! Is it snake skin, studded or just solid?
The start of the autumn season is very exciting , not only is it a change in weather and a change in perspective, but it is also a change in fashion! Take a look at the aforementioned fall fashion trends and let us know here at The Tide – will YOU be trying any one of them?
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