Bay Bucket Challenge

By Charlotte Kasper

leaky_bucketCurrently, the anthropology HL juniors and the life skills class are raising money for Robert Browne, a middle school student, who suffered a spinal cord injury while surfing over the summer. Along with the life skills department, the fundraiser is being led by Mr. Petschauer and Ms. Maier.

The classes are raising money through the ‘Bay Bucket Challenge’. Students can donate money to buy raffle tickets, which allow them to enter to pour water on a teacher during homecoming. Certain teachers have already been nominated or volunteered.

The event has been ongoing for the last week in the commons as well as in the cafeteria. So far the classes have raised about $200. The benefit will continue until homecoming, tickets to pour water on a teacher are one dollar for one chance, or three dollars for five chances. Any additional donations to aid Robert Browne are also welcome.

Additionally, the event will be connected to the class clubs. On the day of homecoming, students can tweet #LBHSBBC followed by their graduation year for spirit points. For example, if a student were a senior, they would tweet #LBHSBBC2015. Any tweets posted before or after October 17th will not count for spirit points.

Once the event has ended, the money raised will be given to the Browne family.

The following teachers have volunteered for the Bay Bucket Challenge:

Mr. Emmons

Mr. Simonovsky

Mr. Vaeth

Ms. Knag

Mr. Balsamo

Mr. Campbell

Mr. Adams

Ms. Bankey

Mr. Hurley

Dr. Smith

Ms. Jones

Ms. Linker

Check back with The Tide for a follow up after homecoming.

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