New Facilities in Long Beach High School

fieldBy Kaitlyn Rivera and Cassie Stegman

In the past year, Long Beach High School has been lucky enough to get new facilities such as, the cardio room,  turf field, and tennis courts. Although they’ve been at the school since last school year, there have been many questions by the students and citizens of Long Beach about where the money came from to install and build these additions.

According to Mr.Epstein, District Athletic Director, they were able to construct the new facilities through school preservation plans and funds that were donated to the school. It is also not known to many people when or to whom the cardio room, turf field, and tennis courts are open to. Mr.Epstein stated, “The cardio room is open to all students after school Monday – Thursday from 3-4:15. There will also be coaches and teachers, such as Ms. DiVivio to supervise and help train.”

As for the turf field and tennis courts, they’re open to the students and public on weekdays and weekends as long as there aren’t any scheduled events taking place.

There are also many issues between sports teams when deciding who gets to practice and play on what fields. After asking Mr.Epstein how he decides who gets the new turf field every day, he told us that all games for each team are played on the new field. Practices are difficult to have on the new field due to scheduled games nearly every day; however, if needed, coaches can ask for access.

We were also curious as to why there were not many Friday or Saturday night games for individual sports, since they would probably draw a larger crowd. We were told that the district tries to schedule an even amount of Friday night games for each team. It’s difficult to schedule games on weekends because it requires the opening of the school for bathroom and locker room use.

It is clear that the new turf field at the high school is different from the turf field at the middle school, and many people wonder if they’re eventually going to be constructed the same. Due space and money, there are no plans for installing bathrooms and concession stands at the high school like the middle school

As for any future events that usually take place at the middle school, such as Homecoming. These previously scheduled events will still take place at the middle school, due to the fact that the middle school has larger bleachers and more facilities available. The middle school facility provides a safer environment for larger crowds, but it is still possible to have certain games, such as the Cory Lovrich lacrosse game, at the High School.

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