The Freshman Experience

By  Noemi Colon

freshmanHigh school is an intimidating place for some, especially if you’re a freshman. You are once again at the bottom of the social pyramid and there are many changes you have to get used to. Personally, my first day was confusing because I didn’t want to get lost in the school.

To hear what this year’s freshmen thought about the high school during their first week, I went straight to the source. Long Beach student, Amya Ares, was also overwhelmed, not only because of the size of the school building, but because high school involves a lot more responsibility. Freshman students: Monica Spinelli, Amya Ares and Chrysalis Mandell say being a freshman means higher expectations and becoming more mature.

Despite the high school being a new and somewhat frightening experience, there are many positives to the high school. These same freshmen said having the freedom to go outside for lunch and enjoying some time off in study hall are great benefits to the high school. One of the most welcomed changes is the ability to use your phone, only in lunch and study hall, of course.

lbeachIn high school your point of view changes as you become more mature. There are a lot of influences and peer pressure in the high school; but, part of this new experience is learning how to become more independent.

Making more friends, trying new things, learning more about yourself and getting involved are all apart of high school. Most importantly, the high school helps you to realize you are your own person, you’re allowed to think what you think.

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