School Tips: Tackling Mountains of Homework

By James J. Baratta

This is books scramble. Many books on white background.School can sometimes be difficult and confusing. A great way to make school easier is to stop, think, and plan. I have discovered a new way to tackle the piles of homework and have developed a simple step by step method to make school stress free.

Let us use an example about homework and stress. . .

You get home from school after practice or a club and realize your teachers decided to give you a collective mountain of homework. It is getting late and you still have so much to do. You also want to  watch some TV because your favorite show is going to be on. Stress is building up like a skyscraper causing anxiety.

You feel like the world around you is crumbling down into a pile of rubble. You are also hungry and want to eat something. Working on an empty stomach isn’t a smart choice. When you do your homework, it is always good to have something in your stomach . It increases brainpower and decreases distractions. Did you know that healthy snacks allow your brain to think more clearly?

While you are eating, watching TV, and checking social media, you are simply  procrastinating, preventing you from doing your homework. Once you have finished eating, find an ideal environment to start your work, but know this… believe it or not, doing your homework in bed, on a couch, or in a recliner, will distract you.

Do your homework at a desk or table and make sure that the area you are working in is clean and organized. This will reduce distractions. Another helpful tip is to stay away from social media websites. These websites are distracting. When you are on these social media websites, time will pass by quickly and before you know it an hour has passed.

When you begin your homework, don’t focus on how much you have to do, but focus on what you want to do first. I like to start from easy to hard, but do whatever floats your boat. When you have selected what homework you want to do first, attempt to complete it. If you begin to have trouble, skip the question and move onto the next one. Once you have done what you could do, go back to the questions you couldn’t answer. Give them a few tries and do the best you can do.

If you are able to use the Internet, a dictionary, thesaurus, etc, use it. The purpose of homework is to reinforce what you have learned in school. Make sure you understand the information and don’t just memorize it.

Remember, when you use these guidelines they will save you time and enable you to have more time for fun. School isn’t ALL academics, it’s about having fun as well!

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