Spring Into Action: Tips for an Improved Lifestyle

By: Alexis Carfagno

springMany of us have started our countdown to the first day of spring; similarly, one of the first thoughts associated with this delightful season is spring cleaning! However, spring cleaning does not translate to cleaning up your house, rearranging furniture or even reorganizing your wardrobe. Spring cleaning might provide an opportunity for you to turn a new leaf and start a new way of living! Whether it be eating healthier, exercising more or finding new ways to improve your academics, think of this new season as a time to ‘cleanse’ yourself from any bad habits. Here are some ideas to kick start your spring cleaning!

Eat Better, Feel Better!

Instead of a sugary cereal for breakfast, try some new and delicious breakfast ideas to start your day off right.  Why not attempt homemade chia-pancakes or a fruit bowl for an energy kick in the morning? For those who love bananas and peanut butter, cut up bananas and put a bit of peanut butter in between – a small banana / peanut butter sandwich.

Green smoothies are trending as well. Smoothies made from kale, spinach or lettuce along with other fruits and vegetables provide a great source for vitamins. Nutritionally speaking, it is always best to incorporate a little bit of everything from the food pyramid when preparing your meals of the day.

Exercise Daily:

It is very important to exercise for at least thirty minutes each day! Exercise will promote blood circulation and heart health. Sustained activity also helps to prevent future heart conditions! Many people join a gym to motivate themselves to regularly exercise.

Looking for something different? Try a new group class at your gym.  Yoga, kick-boxing, spin or Zumba are all entertaining classes that get your blood moving. If you enjoy running, sign up for road race and train with friends. Spring is a great time to run or jog on the new boardwalk with a beautiful view of the ocean.   Sign up for Long Beach High School’s first ever Color Run, or for more races on Long Island, check out this website: http://www.lirunning.com/races.htm.

Focus on School:

There are only a few months left of school; this is the final stretch to maintain high grades or boost them up if you’ve experienced difficulty throughout the year. Studying for AP Exams, IB Exams, SAT, ACT, regents, and finals can be overwhelming.  Take a deep breath and begin to manage your time more efficiently.

Have a plan for each day and outline what you hope to accomplish. Prioritize your work, in order to stay more organized. Sometimes it is beneficial to form a study group with friends and go to the park or the beach to prep for exams. Also, try not to procrastinate!  Hopefully, these tips will help reduce the amount of stress in your life.

As the countdown until the end of the year dwindles down, remember, summer is approaching and your main focus should be ending this school year off right! Good luck in your spring cleaning endeavors.

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