By: Tiffany Canner

socialmediaToday, in our generation, social media is taking over the world. It is one of the main reasons why we can’t put our phones down and pay attention to more important things in life. It is addicting and distracting. Vine, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are all popular examples of this. Social media has provided an opportunity for people to achieve worldwide fame, not only by showing off talents, but through being amusing and intriguing audiences. These people have the opportunity to experience fame and live a “normal life” when they aren’t doing meet and greets or posting videos and pictures all over the Internet. They are not only influential to viewers, but they can also be inspiring.

Nash Grier is a 16- year old sophomore and is socially “bigger” than Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and Ellen DeGeneres. Nash has 1.4 million followers on an app called Vine. Vine allows users to post six second videos, and Nash seems to be using this media in a very unique way. He is just like any typical teenager, but he is creative, amusing, and has many viewers that are attracted to him because of his stunning blue eyes.

As Nash’s fame progresses each day, he is not only recognized by the public when people meet him in person, but he is gaining more followers on Twitter and Instagram.

His witty personality has been exposed through the videos he creates. His videos are considered a “vine success” because he is the 26th most-followed person in the world. This opportunity to experience fame has led him to become a part of many outstanding press events. One of these events is the Magcon Tour.

The Magcon Tour brings a group of kids and teens, all well-known through social media, together to meet their fans through press events. Magcon is making a name for Nash Grier, and he is living life to the fullest as it goes on. An app changed his teenage world from growing up, going to school, and hanging out with friends, to capturing the eyes of millions.

Hopefully we will see more of Nash in the future. What will he do next? If you would like to read more about how Nash’s career exploded, you can click the link below:

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